Sunday, August 12, 2007

Excerpt: They Both Belong To Me

Excerpt Of They Both Belong To Me

They Both Belong To ME will release from Ellora's Cave on September 21, 2007.

“That infernal buzzing is driving me insane. Doesn’t she know we can fuck her better than any simulation device?” Johann Zcar cursed. He’d just passed Commander Jill Mahall’s quarters. The scent of her arousal and the sound of her vibrating wand had him near eruption.

“Come here. You have to read this,” Talon Yild beckoned him in an amused voice. “I happened to have a duplichip in the main frame today while Jill conferred with Ali from Space Command. You’re not going to believe what it recorded.”

Johann’s eyes quickly scanned the document. “Fuck.”

“That’s right. When we dock on North Star in two days our Commander intends to have two pleasure droids fuck her brains out.” Talon spun his chair sideways. A cocky grin stretched his lips.

“Jesus.” Johann almost exploded at the thought of Jill with two droids.

“Look at this. Her order form to Heavenly Droids.” Talon’s fingers worked the board and an order appeared with an attachment.

“Is that…”

“Our digital images. She wants her droids to look like us. It appears Jill is hot to have our cocks plugging her,” Talon replied smugly.

“Do you think…?” Johann stopped in mid-sentence. Talon rolled his chair closer, brushing his thigh, and a jolt of awareness assaulted him. Johann narrowed his gaze on his friend’s face. Talon was almost beautiful but Johann had never been attracted to a man before. These sudden urges for Talon were unsettling.

“That we should take the place of the droids? Hell yeah. If sweet Jill wants our cocks, she’s going to get our cocks. Why allow her to have droid cock when we’re more than willing to oblige her? The question is, when do we tell her?” Talon turned and their gazes collided. Talon’s eyes dilated and his lips parted on a heavily expelled breath. Sharp desire rocked Johann.

“I…” He tore his gaze from Talon. They were discussing Jill. It was Jill he wanted to fuck. “After we’ve fucked her into total submission, I envision telling her while my cock is buried up her ass.” Johann could imagine Jill’s tight ass turned up for his cock. His cock twitched as an image of Jill kneeling before him entered his mind. Her tight nipples played peek-a-boo through her long blonde hair. Her silvery eyes turned misty as she parted her full lips, waiting for his cock.

“She could relieve us of duty.”

Johann looked back at Talon and suddenly his image replaced Jill. Talon’s lips parted for his cock. Talon’s ass turned up—dammit. He had to stop those images. Johann shook his head. “I don’t know how I’m going to last two days. We should just go to her room now and give her what she wants.” It was the abstinence causing those feelings. It had to be. They’d both been hot for Jill since they’d first seen her. He’d pulled a few strings to land this assignment six months ago. “We’d better wait. How are we going to replace the droids without making Jill suspicious?”

“I’ve already contacted Sally at Heavenly Droids and since we’ve given her so much business, she’s willing to help for a price.”

Johann’s lip curled as he thought of the droid they’d shared on their last visit to Heavenly Droid. It had been after they’d first seen Jill. The droid had had a remarkable resemblance to their Commander and they’d ridden it hard. Sally had sworn she would have to replace the jaw hinge.

“There’s always a price but this time it’ll be worth it. No price is too high to have Commander Jill Mahall on her knees before us.”


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Love it, Laura! And the cover, too! Yummy!


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Thanks. I think they did an awesome job on the cover!

Paige Tyler said...

They so did!

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