Monday, February 18, 2008

Command Me

Adventures in Space: Command Me
Coming February 22nd to Changeling Press.

The war is over and Commander Michel Giat faces his toughest task yet. He is asked to baby-sit the general’s daughter. Expecting a child, he’s pleasantly surprised to find out Jade is a sexy woman. However, her sex appeal creates other problems.
Just because he’s lonely doesn’t mean he’s ready to settle down. Sensing a trap, Michel assumes the general is matchmaking until he’s told only a land man will do for Jade.

General Valant may be Jade’s father and his superior officer but he wouldn’t stop him from marrying Jade if he chooses to.
When Jade disappears on Vre’ Lio everything becomes clear. Michel wants Jade as his own. Finding her in a bar with two sex droids sets him on a course for revenge. Sexual manipulation is the game and he plans to teach her to follow his every command.

“Transfer the child and companion to the transporter room and I’ll be there momentarily.” Michel released the hall communicator and continued on his way. Stepping around a large trunk, Michel was aghast to see the room. Trunks and bags were stacked here and there. How long did the general expect him to care for his daughter?

He hesitated at the doorway; from this angle, he had an impressive view of a shapely derriere and luscious thighs as a female rooted through an open case. The female stood up to reach a notable height of just under six foot. Michel’s immediate concerns faded. The generously curved beauty was pure perfection and only the shape of her dark pupils gave away her secret.

His heart thumped in his chest and his blood flowed south more rapidly than it had in a long time. The striking droid couldn’t be his lifemate but she could certainly serve as a much needed distraction.

Flipping her long, black braid over her shoulder the tawny-skinned beauty smiled at him. Full lips parted revealing gleaming white teeth and his cock stood to attention. Her maker was a true genius. Unfortunately, business came before pleasure. “Where’s the child?”

“Excuse me?” she asked batting her impossibly long lashes. If not for the oblong pupils, he’d think she was humanoid.

“Surely you haven’t forgotten your ward already? The general assured me he was sending a capable companion to care for his daughter. Maybe you’re just distracted?” He flashed a grin that had charmed the panties off many a female. He knew he wasn’t handsome but he had a powerful presence that most females found appealing.

“Did he?” Raising her hand, she stroked the tip of a long, red fingernail across her full lower lip drawing his gaze to her mouth. His mind filled with a vivid picture of parting those lips for his cock.

“However, you appear more aptly qualified as a pleasure droid. Leave it to Lamore to hire a sexbot to care for his daughter.” A wavy strand of hair had escaped her braid and he twirled it around his finger. Leaning closer, he whispered. “Tell me the child story was just a ruse and the general is providing you for my pleasure.”

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Cathy said...

Great excerpt,Laura, love the storyline. And congrats on your news about becoming a full-time author.

Lisa Andel said...

Where you been?
Yeah, I know it's only Tuesday, but I don't remember seeing you around the past few Thursdays.

Don't tell me you're tired of lookin at nekkid people.

LA Day said...


Lisa- I've been busy trying to tie up loose ends at work. Don't worry I won't miss the nekkid pics this week.