Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Satin Seduction has released!

Satin Seduction by L.A. Day
Available at Ellora’s Cave
Copyright © LA. DAY, 2008

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Nicole James is a designer for Satin Seduction. Her dream is to create and produce a line of lingerie that flatters the figure of rubenesque females. As a full figured woman, she knows the trials of finding comfortable and flattering lingerie. She designs the line and takes her pitch and samples to Jake, the new owner of Satin Seduction. He seems approachable and he did inspire more than a few of her sexy designs. She knows she can’t compete with the thin, sexy models that grace the studio but she hopes her designs can compete with some of the best.

Jake Malone has wanted Nicole since he purchased Satin Seduction. When she comes to his office one afternoon to pitch a line of lingerie for full-figured females, he sees an opening. He’s interested in the line but more interested in her. However, Nicole isn’t easily convinced that he wants more than one encounter in her arms. He knows the image she has of herself stands between them. To have a future together, he must convince her that he finds her full-figure deliciously sexy.

How do you show a woman how beautiful you find them? Sometimes pictures speak louder than words, especially naughty pictures. Cameras don’t lie and beauty is more than skin deep.

Chapter One

“Jake, do you have a minute?” Nicole James asked as she stuck her head into her boss’s office. “Jane wasn’t at her desk.”

Big and broad shouldered, Jake Malone dominated the room. A lock of his chestnut hair fell over his forehead as he looked up, pinning her in place with his laser-blue eyes. Just looking at him made her wet.

Jake’s lips curled at the corner. “She left a little early today. Come on in. What can I do for you?”

That was a loaded question if she’d ever heard one. Off the top of her head, she could think of at least a dozen things he could do for her and half of them involved that deliciously full-lipped mouth. She blinked. She couldn’t let her mind shift in that direction or she’d never make it though the presentation in a calm, professional manner. “I had an idea I wanted to run by you.”

As CEO of Satin Seduction, Jake had final say on all projects. Nicole had spent countless hours of her own time designing a concept and line for big and beautiful women and she hoped he’d be open to the idea.

“Well, come in then and have a seat.”

“Thank you.” Nicole lugged along a small case and her sketchpad. She wobbled slightly on her three-inch heels as she approached his desk. She didn’t actually need three-inch heels. At five-feet-ten, she was tall for a woman but Jake still towered over her. Her heels, her blonde-streaked hair were all part of her new look. Fresh from a broken engagement, she was all about starting over.

“Did I mention I like your new hairstyle? It’s okay for me to say that, isn’t it? You won’t charge me with sexual harassment, will you?” He winked and she melted.

Nicole chuckled. “Don’t worry, I’d never charge you with sexual harassment.”

His dark brows shot up. “That’s good to know. Care to put it in writing?”

Nicole grinned. “Like I’d have to worry about you harassing me. Maybe I’ll harass you.” Nicole tugged at her snug jacket as she took a seat and crossed her legs.

His eyes narrowed as they traveled over her long legs but he didn’t comment. She hoped she hadn’t offended him. It wasn’t the way to start the presentation. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…”

His gaze flashed up to meet hers. “Why are you sorry? For the record, I’d never charge you with harassment either. Now tell me what I can do for you.” Jake leaned back in his chair. His hair was tousled and his tie askew. He looked edible.

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