Monday, October 27, 2008

Warriors in Time available in Print!!

OMG! My first Print book, Warriors in Time is now available. I have to go order my author copies so I can hold it in my hands! LOL

Warriors in Time is a duet containing The Last Warrior and Warrior of the Past. Check out the blurbs below.

The Last Warrior
Tara Montgomery is a witch, and an imaginary lover haunts her dreams. When she senses her dream man is in danger, she performs a spell to bring him to her. Little does she know, her dream man is a Yahi warrior from 1866.

Shot in the back, Lone Wolf envisions a beautiful spirit guide. Waking up, he finds his spirit guide is actually a white woman. From her way of dress, he surmises she is a white-eyes whore. He refuses to admit he understands and speaks the English language, but still they connect on a primal level. Lone Wolf knows of only one way to repay the white woman's kindness. Since her words say she desires him and he hungers for her, he joins her in her bed and finds the other half of his soul.

Tara is horrified to discover Lone Wolf is from the year 1866 and can understand every word she spoke, but she refuses to return him to his time, to certain death. She wants a future with the sexy warrior, but can he accept his life in 2007 and her darkest secret — that she is a witch?

Warrior of the Past
Sequel to The Last Warrior.

Holly's ex-husband is stalking her. Out of nowhere on a stormy night, help arrives in the form of a powerful, primitively beautiful Native American who tosses her ex-husband off her property. Is Bear her knight in shining armor? Or, in this case, her warrior in scanty breechclout? Can this pinup guy actually be a man she can trust?

Pulled through time, Bear joins the other Yahi warrior, Lone Wolf, who came before him — his only link to the past, his only guide to the future.

The Great Spirit has a mission for these warriors and he's not above a little matchmaking when he drops Bear in Holly's yard. Patience is bred into a Yahi warrior and Bear will need it to claim his woman…especially when she discovers his secret.

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Shelley Munro said...

Congratulations. I love the cover :)

LA Day said...

Thanks so much, Shelley!