Thursday, February 12, 2009

Excerpt: Prey

Prey by L.A. Day
Releasing February 13th from Ellora’s Cave.
Copyright 2008

Ex-prostitute and newbie vampire Amber isn’t thrilled to discover her future is reminiscent of her past. She thought she’d put her past behind her, but when her sire teaches her to feed her immortal needs, she once again preys on men to survive.

Marcus has lived alone for many lifetimes. He is an instructor to newly turned vampires and Amber is his latest pupil. He has had many lovers but she ignites a fire in his blood. Amber tries to resist Marcus’ allure. She’s taken enough instructions while lying down. This time, she’ll learn on her feet because submitting to this dominant male could be addictive.

Marcus is ancient, powerful, unmated—a threat to his kind. His very existence is in peril. He has one last chance. Find his mate and bind her to him.

Amber shifted in her seat. “What did you see when you read my mind?”

“I saw your death.” His gaze locked onto hers.


“I saw images of us.”

“U-us?” she stuttered as she remembered some of the images he might have seen.

“You fantasized about having sex with me.”

Her cheeks flushed and her stomach clenched. “I didn’t.”

He cocked a brow. “And you fantasized about me turning you over my knee.” His palm stroked the length of his thigh.

Oh my god! Did he have to pick her most wicked thoughts out of her head?

Moving quickly, he scooped her from the chair and sat down with her across his lap.

“What are you doing?”

“Fulfilling your fantasy…and mine.”

“What? Hell no.” She arched her back and kicked out, trying to break free.

“You need your arse whipped for what you did earlier and since I know you’ll enjoy it.”

“No. Don’t.” She’d fantasized about him tanning her ass but she couldn’t allow it. She couldn’t allow him to feed her secret desires.

“Too late.” His grip was much too strong. It was useless to fight as he held her easily across his lap. “Go ahead and fight. It will up the energy flow.”

“Pervert. Is this how you get your kicks?” she hissed, feeling the growing erection pressed against her hip.

He chuckled as he pinned her legs between his. Her belly lay across his thighs and he held her down with a hand to her back. His free hand slid along her bare upper thighs causing a shiver to race up her spine.

“I’m not the only one who fancies this.” Material ripped as he tore the mini-skirt out of his way. He let out a harsh breath and it fluttered across her naked cheeks.

“That was Lena’s skirt,” she admonished.

His hand cupped one cheek. “She has many more.” His fingers wrapped in the wisp of material that comprised her thong. He tugged and twisted the material, dragging it across her sensitized clit.

Her breath drew in sharply at the powerful sensation. “Don’t.” She glared over her shoulder at him.

“Fine. I will attend to other business.”

Her breath hitched in her throat at the first stinging swat to her ass. Gritting her teeth, she refused to utter a sound as he applied four more slaps to her bottom. Each slap sent a ripple of sexual energy through her body. By the fifth slap, her thighs clenched together. Amber sighed when he stopped, until he tugged on the thong again.

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