Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Prey by LA Day releasing from Ellora's Cave on February 13th!
Ex-prostitute and newbie vampire, Amber, isn’t thrilled to discover her future is reminiscent of her past. She thought she’d put her past behind her, but when her sire teaches her to feed her immortal needs, she once again preys on men to survive.

Marcus has lived many lifetimes alone. He is an instructor to newly turned vampires and Amber is his latest pupil. He is very unhappy when he learns that she has fed without his guidance. But, Amber can’t afford his brand of instruction. She’s taken enough instructions while lying down. This time, she’ll learn on her feet because submitting to this dominant male could be addictive.

Marcus is ancient, powerful, unmated—a threat to his kind. His very existence is in peril. He has one last chance. Find his mate and bind her to him.

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