Friday, July 23, 2010

New Ellora's Cave contract

I just got a new Ellora’s Cave contract for Made to Order. It’s the sequel to Made for Me. Due to personal reasons, this is my first new contract in awhile and I’m really excited. Hopefully, this is the first of many.

Made to Order is a futuristic, erotic romance. For those of you that read, Made for Me, this is Holt and Rebecca’s story.

Holt and Rebecca are sent undercover to a sex therapy club. To prepare for the assignment they become intimate or at least that the excuse they use for doing what they both want. Holt believes that Rebecca is just pretending to be submissive and Rebecca believes she’s just another in a long line for Holt. Working through their “Sexual Problem” they both find what they are looking for but neither is brave enough to admit it. It takes a helping hand from Cupid (Mav, their boss) to open Holt’s eyes to the truth. From there he is more than capable of proving that he is man enough to enjoy her persona at work as long as she’s woman enough to submit to his Cragon side in the bedroom.

If you want to check out, Made for Me, the first book in the series, here's the link.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Never Tease a Wolf

A harem outfit and a flogger? Sounds like a party. That’s why Jenny chose them as the key ingredients in her plan of seduction. For two years she has worked for Damianos Alexander, but tonight at the costume party she’s determined to become more than his secretary. Tonight, she’ll take that sexy male animal home—to her bed.

Damianos always gets what he wants, and he wants Jenny. She’s half naked, her body undulating in the movements of an ancient dance. Tempting every man in the room, including him. Too bad she doesn’t realize she’s tempting a wolf. Once she unleashes his feral side, there is no turning back.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Opal Obsession available now!

Opal Obsession containing my story, Set in Stone is now available at Ellora's Cave.

RomantiCon 2009

Ellora's Cave is having their first convention next weekend, October 9th-11th in Ohio. I will be attending and I hope to see some of you there. There will be workshop, discussions, book signings and let's not forget the CAVEMEN.

Books I will have available there.
Warriors in Time
Under a Feral Moon
Opal Obsession (released today)

See all the details here.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Laura/LA Day

Friday, September 18, 2009

Nothing like holding it in your hand.

Yesterday, I receive my copies of Under a Feral Moon, my newest print release. Most of my books are in ebook form and I read mostly ebooks but there is something about holding your own book in your hands. Especially, when it has a beautiful cover.

I didn't take it to bed with me but...almost.

I think being able to touch it makes it all the more real. What do you think?

Have a glorious weekend.

Laura/LA Day

Friday, September 11, 2009


Today is the eighth anniversary and every year I remember what I was doing when I heard. At the time, I worked in a small office and we were all gathered in the lunch room watching what we thought was a tragic accident when we saw the second plane hit. I remember looking at a co-worker as realization that it was no accident dawned upon us.

Most people would tell you that my memory isn’t very good but my memories of that day are still very clear. The shock and horror at what will be remembered as one of the worst days in US history is still there. It is something I will never forget. It is something none of us should ever forget.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Under a Feral Moon -In Print

Feral Domination

Gionne is alpha male of the Valde wolf pack. He wants Jenna, a feline shapeshifter, as his mate but the fates are manipulated to separate them before the two breeds can join.

Two years later, the felines need a favor and Gionne will help for a price — Jenna. Gionne holds Jenna as collateral for the debt. Holding an unmated female that comes into heat within the pack proves dangerous. He takes her innocence, claiming her as his mate to protect her.

Jenna gave her heart to Gionne only to have it broken. Now she must accept Gionne's terms in order to save her pack. Seeing the wolf stirs all the old feelings but Jenna refuses to submit to the alpha until he uses dominant persuasion. Just as Jenna begins to accept her feral mate, a pack member plots to get rid of her.

A malevolent force that doesn't want to see a merger between the two feral breeds works to separate them. Gionne introduces Jenna to the pleasures of a ménage in order to ensure her safety. Even with the help of another male, it proves difficult to keep Jenna safe from unreasonable prejudice.

Feral Lust

Leon's life is good. He's alpha male of his feline pack and females are plentiful. Then he meets Riza. The lupine female fascinates him. For once, he's found a female who holds his interest above all others.

Riza is in heat and Leon is the focus of her lust. She can't resist him and surrenders her heart, but not her secret, to the dominant feline.

Leon believes he betrayed Riza. Riza knows he would have. Can she trust him enough to offer her submission before the entire pack? Only by sharing Riza with two other males can Leon prove his love and commitment to his mate and her pack.

Feral Intensity

Dirk Valde's life is in crisis. As guard of the Valde wolf pack, he has a plan for his life until a chance meeting changes everything. Discovery of one's lifemate is usually a joyous occasion, unless that lifemate makes you accept a long-denied truth. Dirk must come to terms with the realization that his lifemate is not only of the coyote pack but is also a male.

Rian's touch ignites passion within Dirk and he can no longer deny his feelings. He's willing to accept a relationship with the alpha male on the condition that they are equals in the bedroom.

Rian's former pack cannot accept that he is homosexual and he's certain the Valde wolf pack will feel the same way when they discover Dirk's secret. Dirk must survive a shattering misunderstanding and a vicious attack before he can find true acceptance within his heart and his pack.

Buy Under a Feral Moon

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Reading for Schools

School started here yesterday and my daughter had her first test on one of the books assigned for summer reading. I won't mention the titles but I will say the books were extremely boring and one of them was almost impossible to follow. My daughter read them because I made her but many of her friends didn't read their books. I'm wondering why can't they assign books that a teen might actually enjoy reading. Forcing students to read books that hold no appeal certainly won't teach them a love of books.

I was never assigned summer reading as a child but I read for the love of it. Very few, if any of my daughter's friends read for fun. If schools made better selections on assigned reading, I wondering would that change?

Have a wonderful weekend!