Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Hope you get more treats than tricks!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Set in Stone available now!

This is a never before seen peek inside the x-rated statuary.

Set in Stone by LA Day
Copyright 2008


Locked inside an erotic statuary their passions ignite. But are they real or a product of the situation?

There was a reason why she kept her distance from this man. She had known from the moment they met that he spelled trouble for her orderly existence. That’s why she avoided him and declined his invitations. One kiss proved her fears true. He stirred emotions she’d repressed for years. Emotions she did not intend to allow to destroy the life she had cultivated.

Pressing a hand to his chest, she intended to shove him away. Beneath the silk of his shirt, he was all muscle. Her fingers curled against him and she felt the smattering of chest hair. A moan rumbled in her throat as she shifted against him, dragging the aroused tips of her breasts across his firm body. Heat unfurled low in her belly as her clit throbbed to life.

Returning his kiss as if her life depended on it, she slid her fingers between the buttons of his shirt. His skin was hot, smooth and sprinkled with hair. Moaning into his mouth, she arched her back as his hand ran the length of her spine.

His hand cupped her ass and rocked her aching pussy against his firm thigh. A surge of pure energy whipped through her center and she was lost.

Wrenching their lips apart, Jacob pressed his mouth to her ear. “Damn,” he groaned. “I knew if you ever let me close we’d go up in flames.”

“No,” Sarah croaked. She wasn’t sure what she was protesting. The fact that he’d aroused her as no man ever had or that he’d stopped.

She felt his chuckle. “It’s a little late to object.” He pulled back and ran his hungry gaze over her rumpled form. Raising a hand, his thumb brushed against one distended nipple. “This belies your weak complaint.”

She almost whimpered at his touch. “Stop it.” She tugged her suit jacket back into place.

“I did stop it. If I hadn’t, by now you’d be lying under me.”

Of course, he had to throw it in her face that he was the one to end their embrace. “That’s a bit presumptuous.” Sarah patted her hair as she tried to regain her composure.

Jacob shrugged. “Maybe you’d prefer a different position.” He waved his arm at the wall of statues. “I’m partial to this one.” Spinning her around, he cocooned her in his warm embrace in front of a particularly erotic pose. A woman was on her knees, her ass tipped up as a man penetrated her anally.

Sarah’s heart thundered and she swallowed deeply. She couldn’t stop from clenching the muscles of her ass. The muscles that were intimately pressed against the bulge of his arousal. He shifted slowly against her and she clenched her teeth to stop a cry of need. It took every ounce of will power she possessed not to thrust back against him, not to beg him to bend her over the bench and take her.

“Do you know what I like best about this statue?”

Sarah snorted as her head spun dizzily. For a moment, she thought the statues came to life. A low, panting moan of pleasure-pain filled her ears as the large man thrust deep and hard into the woman’s upturned ass. Sarah shook her head to clear her thoughts. Obviously, she had taken an excessive amount of cold medicine.

She shivered in his arms as she wiggled her ass against his aching cock. It was a test of his will not to throw her to the floor and take her. Grasping her chin, he forced her to look at him. “I love the look on her face. Look how much she’s enjoying it.” He turned her back toward the statue. “I want to see that look on your face when I fuck you long and hard.”

“It’ll never h-happen,” she stuttered in denial, but he could feel her resistance melting. Heated blood raced through his veins, he’d never wanted anyone the way he wanted her.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Warriors in Time available in Print!!

OMG! My first Print book, Warriors in Time is now available. I have to go order my author copies so I can hold it in my hands! LOL

Warriors in Time is a duet containing The Last Warrior and Warrior of the Past. Check out the blurbs below.

The Last Warrior
Tara Montgomery is a witch, and an imaginary lover haunts her dreams. When she senses her dream man is in danger, she performs a spell to bring him to her. Little does she know, her dream man is a Yahi warrior from 1866.

Shot in the back, Lone Wolf envisions a beautiful spirit guide. Waking up, he finds his spirit guide is actually a white woman. From her way of dress, he surmises she is a white-eyes whore. He refuses to admit he understands and speaks the English language, but still they connect on a primal level. Lone Wolf knows of only one way to repay the white woman's kindness. Since her words say she desires him and he hungers for her, he joins her in her bed and finds the other half of his soul.

Tara is horrified to discover Lone Wolf is from the year 1866 and can understand every word she spoke, but she refuses to return him to his time, to certain death. She wants a future with the sexy warrior, but can he accept his life in 2007 and her darkest secret — that she is a witch?

Warrior of the Past
Sequel to The Last Warrior.

Holly's ex-husband is stalking her. Out of nowhere on a stormy night, help arrives in the form of a powerful, primitively beautiful Native American who tosses her ex-husband off her property. Is Bear her knight in shining armor? Or, in this case, her warrior in scanty breechclout? Can this pinup guy actually be a man she can trust?

Pulled through time, Bear joins the other Yahi warrior, Lone Wolf, who came before him — his only link to the past, his only guide to the future.

The Great Spirit has a mission for these warriors and he's not above a little matchmaking when he drops Bear in Holly's yard. Patience is bred into a Yahi warrior and Bear will need it to claim his woman…especially when she discovers his secret.

Buy here

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cover for Warriors in Time

This is the cover for my coming soon print book, Warriors in Time. This is a duet containing The Last Warrior and Warriors of the Past. If you haven't read the ebooks, the male characters are Native American men transported from 1866 to present day.

The cover doesn't scream, Native American romance but it is HOT. It's hard to complain about a cover with Jason Santiago, Mr. Romance 2007.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

TT #56

In these tough economic times, everyone is cutting back. Below is a list of 13 things that I want to have and how I’ve made changes to keep them. I might not need all of these things but I’m not giving them up yet.

1. My house. I have cut out paying additional money toward the principal balance but I have to make my regular payment.
2. Electricity. During the recent windstorm, we lived with electricity for three days and believe me it’s no fun. However, we have cut back. We regulate the thermostat and open windows when we can. We lowered the setting on the water heater. I am more conscience of turned on lights, TVs, and etc.
3. Car/Gasoline. I need my vehicle to get around but I have cut back unnecessary trips. The prices of gasoline have dropped but there is still no need to waste gas.
4. The Internet. This is a must have for me. It is how I make a living.
5. Cable Television. This is a must have for my husband and daughter. I have a few shows I like but they are on basic cable and I could easily cut back to that. They however don’t agree. I did cut out a few movie channels.
6. Books! This may seem high on the list but for me it is a necessity. I make a living by writing (although that may be in jeopardy if the economy doesn’t turn around) and I love to read. I might not buy as many books as I once did but I still buy them.
7. Food. This is certainly a necessity though I could skip a few meals. LOL We have cut back on eating out. I’ve been cooking more and we eat more leftovers than we used to. It reminds me of growing up. We rarely ate out and my mom had dishes she made from leftovers. Mashed potatoes were turned into potato cakes. Veggies and meats were used in soups and stews.
8. Shopping! I used to see something I thought was cute and buy it regardless of need. Now, I think, do I really need it?
9. Cell Phones! Truly, I can do without mine. I rarely use it but my DH and daughter use theirs all the time. My daughter has unlimited texting and that is what she uses the most. I have cut the minutes back a bit. I think I saved ten dollars a month. Yippee!
10. I make sure all my bills are paid on time so we don’t get extra charges.
11. I don’t use credit cards. If I don’t have the money, I don’t buy it. (I do use debit cards and Paypal).
12. I get money off my debit card at my bank only. I don’t want those extra bank charges.
13. I haven’t planned a big vacation for next year. I do have a couple of conferences I plan to attend and we’ll see from there. I’m sure we’ll do something but it might be something close to home.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Holiday Hotties Contest

Hi all,
TJ Michaels is having a Holiday Hotties Contest and I am a participating author. This involves about 12 authors and will run through December. There are excerpts to be read, contests to play and prizes to be won.

Join TJ’s Newsletter for more details.

TJ’s Site.

Full details on the contest will post soon so check out her site and join her newsletter.

Laura/LA Day
Set in Stone releasing Oct. 29th from Ellora’s Cave.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do you Love Alpha Males? Join the group!

New Yahoo Group to promote the Alpha Male Hero!

LA Day and Paige Tyler have started a new Group to promote Alpha Males. We would like to invite anyone who enjoys reading or writing about an Alpha Male to join. We will have Open Promo days on Fridays for all authors to promote their work. Our Grand Opening is scheduled for November 3rd and everyone is welcome to attend. Authors you are welcome to promote Your Alpha Males. Readers are welcome to hang out, chat and try to win prizes.

This will be a fun ADULT group (18 and over, please) and at times it will have a High Volume of posts, you may wish to be set to Daily Digest.

The link to join is below. If you have any questions email LA Day at:

Join the GROUP celebrate the Alpha Male.

Laura/LA Day

Monday, October 13, 2008

The votes are in!

I was just notified I was elected President-Elect of my local chapter of RWA. I will serve as President of the Louisville Romance Writers in 2010.

I don't know if that's a good thing or not! LOL

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Release date for Sin of the Past

I'm thrilled to announce, Sin of the Past will release 11/28/08 from Cobblestone Press. I haven't had a new release with Cobblestone in a while and I can't wait.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

TT #55

I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and need some inspiration. What better to inspire me than hot pics?














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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fall Flashers on MSA Blog

The Midnight Seductions authors are posting Fall Flashers this month on the blog.
I post mine on 10/21 but the flashers have begun.

Check them out.

MSA Blog

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Coming Home Presents

I came home from the hopital to some wonderful news. As I posted below, I have a novel nominated for a NOR Award.

I also have a new contract from Ellora's Cave on an erotic vampire tale titled, Prey.

Last but not least, Feral Intensity received a great review from Romance Junkies.

Read Review


"FERAL INTENSITY is a tantalizing read! I would coin this story to be decadent and sinful. It was very well written." Reviewed by Robin at Romance Junkies

Dancing for the Wolf nominated for a NOR Award!

I'm thrilled to announce Dancing for the Wolf is nominated for a NOR in the best erotic paranormal category. It is a huge honor just to be nominated.


Laura/LA Day