Friday, November 28, 2008

Wicked Release & Giveaway!

Sin of the Past is now available for the Wicked Line at Cobblestone Press. If this Wicked piece is to your taste, don’t miss your opportunity at an entry in my giveaway. Details are on my site. Look on the Free/Fun page to see how you could win a Sony PRS 505 or a signed copy of Warriors in Time. Any purchase of an LA Day book will qualify you for an entry so if something from my backlist at Cobblestone or Ellora's Cave suits you better, go for it.

Sin of the Past by LA Day

Available at Cobblestone Press

The past has a way of catching up with you and sometimes you’re glad it does. Freshly divorced, Sara is skipping town and looking for adventure. However, she’s about to discover an erotic adventure with the one man she thought she’d lost forever.

Cein Creedon walked away from Sara when she chose another man over him. However, she’s free now and Cein has waited about as long as he can. It’s time he reminds her why he was nicknamed Walking Sin.


Blood began to pump rapidly through her veins as she gazed at him. He looked like a man who would know how to please a woman. She looked at his large hands, with long, tapered fingers as he raised his fork to his mouth. His generously full lips parted, and his hand hesitated. She glanced up to meet his gaze across the room. Her breath caught in her throat. He had dark eyes, almost black, and they burned into her flesh.
An erotic film rolled through her mind. Stretched out naked on a bed, her body contorted in pleasure as a man feasted between her thighs. Her pussy spasmed in urgent release, and the man’s head rose. Those same black eyes gleamed at her from a face years younger.

Sara gasped as her panties dampened with familiar need. It couldn’t be, not after all these years. “Cein Creedon,” she whispered, her lips trembling.

Cein, better known as Walking Sin, back in town after all these years. Grabbing her purse, she threw a twenty on the table and ran from the restaurant. Sprinting to her car, she slammed the compact’s door and gunned the engine. She had to get away before she embarrassed herself beyond redemption. Small towns were known for gossip and ever since Mike left, she’d been hiding from the whispers of failure. She could only imagine the reaction if she spread herself on Cein’s table and asked for a repeat performance of the one unfinished night they’d shared. At that thought, her upper thigh muscles tightened, and her pussy gushed. Damn, she needed a man. A mindless fuck with an anonymous stranger ought to ease her lust. An annoying voice in her head doubted a stranger could ease the arousal Cein inspired all too easily.

Cein watched Sara run from the diner with an amused smile. She wouldn’t get very far. Standing, he stretched his legs. Sara had forgotten her package, but he wouldn’t mind delivering it. Peeling off a few bills, he dropped them on the table and collected Sara’s gift. He peeked under the glittery paper and raised a dark brow. A chuckle escaped his lips. It would be his pleasure to deliver the item. He knew exactly what he would do with it. Whistling, Cein headed for his bike. It was about time he taught Sara that the only place she could run was into his arms. The last time, he’d followed her wishes and left town. This time, she would bend to his will.

He hadn’t been able to help overhearing Sara and her friend’s conversation. If Sara was hungry for sex, he would be the man to feed her. He would teach her exactly what she had been missing all these years.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy your day. Don't eat too much and be safe.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Your chance to Win a Sony PRS 505

LA Day’s Huge Holiday Giveaway!

Purchase an LA Day ebook for a chance at a Sony PRS 505 ebook reader or a signed copy of Warriors in Time. For every LA Day purchase you make between November 26, 2008 and February 28, 2009 you will receive one entry into the drawing. The drawing will be a random drawing from all original entries.

How to enter: Purchases must be made at Ellora’s Cave or Cobblestone Press between the stated dates. Email confirmations from Ellora’s Cave or Cobblestone Press must be forwarded to LA Day at email address provided below. You may only forward original confirmation/receipts from publishers. You may only forward the purchase receipt email one time per purchase. Emails that have been tampered with will be disqualified.

From Ellora’s Cave/Jasmine Jade you may forward the receipt or the download instructions, either one will identify the purchased product. The receipt does contain personal information such as your phone number. If you choose to forward this all of your information will be held in confidence. There is no credit card info on the receipt. If you choose to forward the download instructions email, the link to the download is accessible for identification but since it is my book and I have no need of another download copy this is not a copyright infringement. Forwarding download links to other parties is considered copyright infringement.

From Cobblestone Press you must forward the thank you for your order email. The link to the download is accessible but since this is my book and I have no use for another copy of the download this is not a copyright infringement. Forwarding download link to other parties is considered copyright infringement.

All entries must be sent to ladaygiveaway @ (no spaces) Emails must be received by March 3, 2009

The more LA Day books you purchase, the better your chance of winning.

Winner will be notified by email and announced on my Yahoo groups, blog and website.
The winner will receive a New Sony PRS 505 ebook reader. This prize has a $300.00 value. Two other winners will receive a signed copy of my first print book, Warriors in Time.

Good luck to all and Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

TT # 57

Today's Thursday Thirteen are thirteen bookcovers from my books currently available at Ellora's Cave.

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cover for Prey!


I received a contract for Companion Operation from Ellora's Cave, more details to follow.

Prey has a release date of 2/13/09 from EC!

& a new review:

Warrior of the Past, reviewed by JERR

Rating: 4/5

“Ms. Day has written an amazing story of self discovery and love. Though this is a sequel, it works well as a standalone book. Bear Claw's transition from past to present is both hilarious and touching. He is everything a warrior should be...confident, stubborn and deadly.” Reviewed by T.S. Peters at JERR

Read full review.

I received the I Love Your Blog Award!

I’ve been given the I Love Your Blog Award by Nicole Austin. I’m stoked to get this award from Nicole. I think it’s because I stalk her blog.

Now, I’m supposed to give this award to seven other blogs, which is tough because there are so many great blogs out there.

Paige Tyler: Paige is a friend, a great author and the co-owner of an alpha male yahoo group with me.

Lisa Andel: Lisa is awesome and visiting her blog for Thursday Thirteen is an experience!

Shelley Munro: Love Shelley’s work. What more can I say?

Susan Helene Gottfried: Susan is unique and I love her blog.

Maddie James: A friend and a great writer I love to keep track of through her blog.

Jambrea: She doesn’t need a last name because everyone knows her.

Sunlight Sucks: I just found this blog when the owner joined my alpha male group. Another alpha male lover and a unique blog.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Voting is now open!

The voting is now open in the MSA Endless Romance Writing Contest.

Go here for all the details!!

There are lots of wonderful entries. Go vote for your favorite.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again; time to start the dreaded Christmas shopping. I don’t have a lot of people on my shopping list. A few years back, all the brothers and sisters stopped buying for each other. So, that leaves me shopping for my dh, my daughter, 2 teenage nieces and my mil. Sounds easy, right? Wrong!

My daughter is easy. I take her shopping and I buy her gift cards because I know nothing I buy will please her. My nieces get gift cards too (they are teenage girls) I’m not crazy enough to try to please them.

I’m not sure what to get the dh this year. We agreed not to spend a lot but that doesn’t make it easier.

Then we get to my mother-in-law. I always get her some Hadley Pottery; it’s a local pottery that we both love. I usually get her a book too. Not one of mine! Last year, I got her a book on Steve Irwin. She loved it. Any recommendations? She likes biographies, true-life books, war books, the sort of book I don’t read. LOL! She doesn’t read romances or erotic romances.

Any great present ideas appreciated.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holiday Hottie reminder!

The Holiday Hottie contest is in full swing. TJ Michaels has oranized an awesome multi-author event with tons of prizes. Check out the details here.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Warriors in Time at Amazon!

Warriors in Time is now on sale at

Alpha Male pictures

On Mondays, we share pictures of Alpha Males at the Alpha Males and Their Authors Yahoo group. Click here to join.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Presentation ideas


As some of you may know, I was elected President of my local RWA chapter for 2010. I am President-Elect for 2009. The President for 2009 wants my opinion/help for her term. We are attempting to set a schedule of workshop/presentations for the year. I am also looking for ideas for my term.

We have a small group, approximately 30 members. I have already agreed to do a presentation on writing love/sex scenes. I’m also considering a presentation on character creation…creating the alpha male.

As writers, what workshops/presentations would interest you?
What about POV’s, plots, query letters, synopsis…?

We only have 3-4 published authors that attend the meetings so I’m reluctant to offer presentations on promotion/what to do after you have a contract.

I would really appreciate your ideas/thoughts on this.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

Laura/LA Day

Monday, November 03, 2008

I've been nominated for 5 REC Awards!

I’m thrilled to announce I’ve been nominated for 5 REC awards! The competition is fierce and I wish the best to all of the nominees.

Below is a list of my nominations:
Erotic Romance Paranormal Cover of the Year
Erotic Romance Contemporary Best Male Character
Erotic Romance Paranormal Author of the Year
Erotic Romance Paranormal Best Seduction
Erotic Romance Contemporary Best Short Story of the Year

To vote go to the REC Group. Voting is in the Polls section.

Good luck to all,
Laura/LA Day

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Alpha Males and Their Authors

Tomorrow, November 3rd is the Grand Opening of the new Yahoo group, Alpha Males and Their Authors. Please join Paige Tyler and I for a day full of Hot Alpha Males and a chance at a few prizes.

Authors feel free to promote your Alpha Males. We also have open promo days on Fridays and a theme day on Wednesdays where other authors are welcome to post.

You must join the group to join the fun.

Hope to see you there.
Laura/LA Day