Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring is in the air!

It's time to uncover some bodies that belong on a beach.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Excerpt of Undercover Pleasure Droid

“I guess you should take off your clothes.” She rubbed her sweaty palms on her jeans. Her heart thumped as she eagerly watched him. A hot flash of lust seared her pussy, and she silently cursed. How could she feel more emotion for a robot than she’d ever felt for a man?

He inched his shirt out of the waistband of his pants. Crossing his arms, he hooked the bottom of the skintight material with his fingers and pulled. Golden skin gleamed over perfectly simulated muscles.

She drew in a sharp breath. “Oh my god. Your maker was a genius.”

He pulled the shirt over his head, mussing his short, dark hair. It made him appear even more human. One thumb flicked the top buckle of his pants, and then moved to the next. Her throat parched as she waited for him to part the material.

Finally he began to ease his pants over his hips, and the ruddy head of his cock peeked out. Slowly, inch by thick, delicious inch, his cock was freed. She’d asked for ten inches. They’d given her an upgrade. She’d never seen such an organ. Her panties dampened in anticipation.

“I…I…” Her breath hitched as she struggled to correlate thought and speech.

“Do you wish to inspect your merchandise?” Mav II posed half-naked without a trace of amusement on his face. At least twelve inches of cock stood at attention. He had to be a robot. A man would be smugly stroking that rod as she stroked his ego by drooling like an idiot.

“Have mercy.” Her hands trembled. She raised one to her mouth. Biting a knuckle, she waited for him to continue. “I don’t see any flaws.” Obviously, bots had physically superior design.

He kicked off his low-ride boots and stepped out of his pants. The bed brushed the back of her legs as he approached her.

“We will need to remove your clothes for me to perform properly.”

“Yes, we will but…” The tip of his cock trailed along her denim covered stomach, and her pussy clenched in need.

His warm breath fanned her exposed skin as he opened the buttons on her blouse. Her utility bra was far from sexy, but he didn’t comment, and she noticed he had no trouble finding the side closure. She wondered how detailed he was programmed. She didn’t have long to wonder, as he quickly stripped her and laid her on the bed. She shivered lying bare on the cool satin, naked to his pale, glowing eyes.

He certainly felt real as his body brushed hers skin to skin. One of his hands tangled in her hair, holding her head in place as his face lowered. Velvet smooth, yet firm lips met hers. He tasted real. He tasted of coffee and—man. His tongue traced her lower lip, just before his teeth nipped her there. She gasped, and gave entry to his tongue. He licked, suckled, and nipped at her mouth.

Lord, if he made love anywhere nearly as good as he kissed, she was in trouble. Maybe she should have asked for a beginner’s model.

His hair sprinkled chest rasped her nipples as he gathered her close. She groaned, and her pussy wept. Shifting, the lodge pole between his thighs buffeted her stomach. Oh no, she liked this model just fine.

She shivered as his kisses grew rougher—and more hungry. This wasn’t what she had expected. This was like making love, not using a sex toy.

She pushed at his chest. “Mav…stop, Mav.”

“Why? Is there something wrong?” His ragged, breathy voice rasped her ear.

“No, I…I just…” His hand closed around her breast, his thumb flicking her nipple. Pure, red-hot need shot straight to her pussy. Kari shivered again. “I feel funny. This seems so real.” She’d never felt this with any other sex toy.

“It is real. The pleasure you feel—we feel—is real.”

His mouth lowered to her other nipple, and his tongue gathered the tip against his teeth. He nipped her, and she screamed, “Oh, sweet heaven.”

Her legs parted, and his thigh buffeted her wet, aching pussy. Arching silently, she begged for his cock—and his deep possession.

Mav shook with need. He should have never agreed to this plan. There was no way he would be able to remain objective while making love to her. From the beginning, he hadn’t believed she was involved in the drug operation. And now, after reading her file, he was nearly certain. Few had fooled him, but it had happened. He hoped there was no link between her and the drug altering, because if there was—
He closed his eyes, inhaled deeply, and her sweet womanly scent engulfed him. Her flesh was tender and warm under his mouth. The sweet noises she made as he held her were driving him crazy. He was supposed to remain detached, yet he was failing miserably. It would tear out his heart for him to discover that she was somehow involved in the scheme his office was investigating.

“Mav, please,” she panted breathless.

His mouth lowered to her gently rounded stomach. There was no way he was fucking her until he tasted her creamy pussy. He raised his head. He didn’t care if he blew his cover as he panted for breath. “I am programmed to please.”

Friday, March 23, 2007

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I have it figured out

I often wondered who purchased the items from infomercials. Some of them appear interesting but I've never placed an order until...I was home sick with the flu. Somehow in my delusional state I thought Hip Hop Abs would be a great addition to my other unused exercise tapes. I'm not knocking Hip Hop Abs or even infomercials but I have discovered that while in the grip of a fever you will do the unusual.
The funny thing is a coworker that was sick last month told me she purchased a pocket sized voice messager off of an infomercial while she was sick.
Now, I have to wonder!
Who is the target of infomercials.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Okay, my vow to kick Dew was temporarily derailed by the flu. I am getting my feet back and vow to try again. A bit of good news:
Undercover Pleasure Droid has been given a release date of May 25th from Cobblestone Press.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Kicking the habit!

Okay, I've had it. It's time for a new diet. The first step in my diet is kicking the habit. Yes, I am a Mountain Dew addict. They say the first step in quiting is admitting there is a problem. I've quit before, I know what to expect as I spiral into the dark recesses of hell, known as life without caffeine.
Day one: I have a headache.

St. Patty's Day

Anybody celebrating St Patrick's Day? I have to have my cornbeef, cabbage and potatoes. I'm looking to make some green beer. Do you just add food coloring to the beer?


Undercover Pleasure Droid

I signed a contract with Cobblestone Press for Undercover Pleasure Droid. It's my first novel with them and I'm very excited.

Laura/L.A. Day

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What's Up March 6th

Just got back from Celebrate Romance Conference in Kansas City. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet EC authors Rod Casteel and Carol Lynne, they’re both fabulous. There were many other authors and readers and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

March 16, 2007, The Last Warrior releases from Ellora’s Cave, can’t wait for that.

This weekend I’m off to Chicago to visit my husband’s family. It should be a good time if the weather isn’t too bad. You never know in Chicago.

Received a new review on Feral Domination last night from The Romance Readers Connection: It received a 4.5 of 5.


Currently, I’m working on a Halloween quickie for EC and a Plus Size Novel, Alien Possession.

Just finished a short story, titled Sin and I’m looking for a home for it.

My SciFi novel, They Both Belong to Me was accepted by EC.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Night Owl Romance review of Feral Domination

Night Owl Romance Review: 4.75 out of 5
L.A. Day writes a very hot and explosive paranormal erotic story. Feral Domination was a fast-paced shape shifter novel. Gionne an alpha wolf meets up with Jenna a feline shape shifter. They both want each other, but their past is coming between them.
Two year ago, Gionne and Jenna were to be mated, but they believed their families were against it. The families never discussed this, but both Gionne and Jenna believed that their families would not find favor in the pairing. On the night, that they decide will be the night of their pairing Gionne's father becomes very ill. Gionne tells Jenna that the pairing will have to wait, but does not tell her the reason. Jenna becomes upset and tells Gionne she is leaving for good.
Present Day: Gionne is now the head of his pack. Jenna's feline pack is in trouble. They need more land to hunt on. Jenna's brother requests hunting grounds from Gionne. In exchange Gionne makes a deal for Jenna to stay in his town.
Jenna still loves Gionne, but because of the past she is very cagey and unsure if she wants to commit herself to the possibility of more pain. She is unsure of what type of relationship they could have together.
Someone is also out to kill Jenna. Someone wants to kill her so that the wolf genes are not tarnished with non-wolf genes. The purity of the line is the killer's reason for stalking Jenna. It's not the first time the killer has been in this situation. The last time the stalker took out the target.
To keep Jenna safe, Gionne invites another member of his pack to sleep with Jenna. With this arrangement, Jenna has an extra protector. Be aware this book does have ménage.
Feral Domination was a super fast read. From page one L.A. Day had me enthralled with the story of Gionne and Jenna. I loved the how she brought more than one type of shape shifter into the story and how spicy the love scenes were. If you enjoy a lot of fire and domination in your books this is the one for you.
During Feral Domination L.A Day introduced us to Gionne's sister Riza and Jenna's brother Leon. I hope that L.A Day writes a great story about them. From what I could garner, they would be an explosive pair.