Thursday, April 26, 2007

Excerpt of Undercover Pleasure Droid

Undercover Pleasure Droid by L.A. Day

Releases from Cobblestone Press May 25th.

Short Blurb:

In order to bust a drug ring Mav poses as a pleasure droid. Kari, a scientist has given up on men and orders a sexbot to fulfill her needs. When her pleasure droid turns out to be an undercover agent investigating her lab, she’s furious. She agrees to help bust the case for a price. He fulfills his duty as her sex toy for one night and then he stays out of her life.

Mav isn’t used to taking orders but he doesn’t mind a little undercover work with the right lady. However, one night will never be enough.


“Mav, I found your way in,” Rebecca said with just a little too much glee for his comfort.

First Commander Maverick Spencer rolled his chair across the tiled floor. His eyes zeroed in on Rebecca’s vid screed as it flashed an advertisement for a robotic sex site. “No thanks, Rebecca. I don’t need to buy sex. But there might be something there for you.”

“Nope. But that Marston babe you downloaded into your cyber sex unit just placed an order.”

“For what? I downloaded her file for research. She’s a target in our investigation.”

“Yep, but you added her picture to your cyber sex unit. You can’t hide anything from a techno wiz.” Laughter gleamed in Rebecca’s eyes. “Anyway, she ordered a pleasure droid, a hi-tech robotic sex machine—and wait until you hear the description. She might have been describing you. Well, that is, if you have at least ten inches in those pants.” Rebecca raised her brows suggestively.

“I think I can cover that,” Mav grumbled, his eyes scanning the banner ad.

“Excuse me.” Rebecca waved her hand in his direction. “I need to open this drawer.” Mav rolled backward to allow her to rummage through his stash of odds and ends.

“What are you looking for?”

“A tape measure. I had better verify the length. We wouldn’t want to disappoint her.”

“If you think I’m whipping it out for you—think again. I never disappoint.” He scooted closer reading the digital data. “I’m still not sure how this pleasure droid info is going to help us.”

“I intercepted the order. The droid she wants is top of the line. An A.L.B., an artificial life bot, verbally programmable, complete with simulated skin, and…ugh…life-like body fluids.”

Mav leaned closer. “You’re not suggesting that I—” He blinked rapidly to clear the mental picture that filled his mind.

“That you take the place of the droid. Of course, just think of the undercover work.” Rebecca waggled her eyebrows.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New releases at Ellora's Cave today

EC has a great line up of authors today. I am especially looking forward to Ben's Wildflower & Molding Clay.

Can't wait for next week when my newest, Barbarian Mate releases.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Excerpt of Barbarian Mate

This excerpt of Barbarian Mate is unedited and may differ from the final version, which releases on May 2, 2007 from Ellora’s Cave

An Excerpt From: Barbarian Mate
Copyright © LA. DAY, 2007

Barbarian! The word burst from Eliza’s lips. Anger and frustration flooded her within as she watched the warriors dismount in the center of the village. A clanswoman came forward and escorted the bedraggled captives to the community lodge. Thoughts of what Bruton may have done with the captives tainted her joy at seeing him. Turning the reins of his stallion over to a young boy, Bruton ducked into his lodge ignoring the females. Eliza rolled her tense shoulders, jealousy was not an acceptable emotion for the future Liberian Priestess but she feared that was what was burning in her chest. Had Bruton coupled with any of the females? She squared her shoulders and raised her chin. It did not matter, for her only interest in the barbarian was for his seed. Eliza thought of walking into the village to gather the seed she required, but now her pride would not allow it. She considered a rival clan, another seed giver but her stomach rebelled at the thought. No. It was Bruton’s seed she wanted.

She stepped out of the shadows, her chin tilted up and her gaze boldly seeking his. She would not let him see her fear, her vulnerability. She had a mission to accomplish and she would do it before returning successfully to her clan. Her steps faltered as he rose to his feet in the water. A glimmer of water shimmered across the contour of his powerful chest. She hesitated a moment as something else bobbed out of the water near him. It was the head of his rod, bursting out of the river as if it were a serpent sighting prey. She gulped at the sight, and then continued on her journey. Slowly, she approached the bank and he stood his ground, making no move toward her. Their gazes collided and his dark eyes gleamed with an inner hunger, clearly bespeaking of his want of her body. A slight breeze ruffled her hair and carried the scent of pine laced with testosterone. It filled her lungs and her nose flared, breathing deeply of the heady scent.

Ducking her head beneath his ardent gaze, she dipped a bare toe into the cool water, setting off ripples that once more drew her gaze to him. Eliza’s hands shook as she reached for the tie that held her rawhide skirt in place. She had watched him at his bath on many occasions she had seen others as well but now, she could not recall any of them. His masculine perfection scattered her thoughts. She tried to speak but instead a gulping sound erupted from her mouth. She licked her dry lips.

“Come, my princess. Come take what you want,” his deep voice was husky, huskier than she remembered.

With one arm extended, he beckoned her to his side. She stood mesmerized, transfixed as the sinewy muscles of his chest and arm rippled. Do not form a bond with the seed giver. The elder mother’s words repeated in her head. How was she to take what she wanted from so powerful a male? She had been told that male flesh was weak but it did not appear so to her. The size of his bicep rivaled that of her thigh. It was apparent that forcing him was no option. Finally, managing to swallow the lump in her throat, she tilted her head arrogantly, untied the skirt and let it drop. With feet slightly apart and knees locked, she stood proudly, naked before him, hoping he could not see her fear. The heat of his gaze traveled slowly from her breasts to groin and she had to fist her hands to stop them from covering her nakedness. His fiery gaze flickered back to hers.

“Your beauty rivals that of a goddess. Come to me,” his silky voice commanded and enticed. After a moment, she plunged head first into the welcoming cover of the water.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Derby is fast approaching!

I live in Louisville, KY and if you don’t know, that’s the home of the Kentucky Derby. This weekend begins the two weeks of celebrating leading up to The Derby. Saturday is Thunder over Louisville. During the day there is an Air Show and at night a huge Fireworks display. There is something for everyone and with the weather predicted to be beautiful, it should be an awesome day.

The Derby runs on Saturday, May 5th. Derby is always the first Saturday in May. If you like horse racing it’s a must see event.

May 4th Oaks Day at the track and also my authors day at REO and I plan to incorporate a horsey theme. There will be prizes to win. So join me May 4th to celebrate the May 2nd release of Barbarian Mate. And yes, Bruton does ride a horse in one scene.

Laura/L.A. Day

Monday, April 16, 2007

What is your favorite genre in erotic romance?

What genre in erotic romance do you find yourself reading most often?
Shape Shifter

What genre's are you least likely to read?


Sunday, April 15, 2007

5 Cups for The Last Warrior

I had to share! The Last Warrior just received 5 Cups from Coffee Time Romance.
Check it out!

“Ms.Day captivates with her creative plot and talent for keeping the reader glued to their seat. I felt like a part of the story. The descriptive way she weaves the words made the story both vibrant and sensual. The scenery came alive making it feel as though I were thrust into her book. The characters are well developed and were interesting. I will definitely look for more from Ms.Day!” Jenifer @ Coffee Time Romance

Laura/L.A. Day
Feral Domination & The Last Warrior available at Ellora’s Cave
Coming soon: Barbarian Mate & Undercover Pleasure Droid

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Celebrate in May with L.A. Day

Celebrate May with L.A. Day!

May will be a big month for me. I have two releases and I want to celebrate with my readers. My debut release with Cobblestone Press is May 25th.

On May 2nd, Barbarian Mate releases from Ellora’s Cave.

On May 25th, Undercover Pleasure Droid releases from Cobblestone Press.

Join me for giveaways on May 2nd and May 25th.

To win downloads or 2007 EC Decks of Cards join my Yahoo groups, post on my blog, sign my guest book on my website, send me messages on Yahoo 360, and MySpace. The more you enter the better your chance of winning.

Winners will be posted on my Yahoo groups and my blog.

Yahoo Group:

Additionally, on May 4th, it is my author day at REO. There will be prizes to be won.

Laura/L.A. Day

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Not just a writer but a reader as well.

I read Lauren Dane's, TriMates recently and all I can say is WOW! The story was intriguing from page one. The story was not only erotic but entertaining. The characters drew you in immediately. At the end of the story, I was left wanting more and lucky for us there will be more to the series.

This is a m/m/f story. The underlying m/m story leaves you hungry for more and I know Lauren will deliver it. I can’t wait for the next book. This is definitely one of my favorites. It’s on my recommended read list!

If you aren’t familiar with Lauren Dane’s work, it can be found at Ellora’s Cave.

Laura/L.A. Day

Monday, April 02, 2007

Feral Domination gets 5 Kisses

Two Lips Reviews, 5 KISSES for Feral Domination.

“L.A. Day delivers one of the most erotic stories that I have ever read in Feral Domination so I strongly urge you to read it!” Tara Renee, gave 5 Kisses and a Two Lips Reviews recommended read. Also, Named Featured Book of the Month!

Wow! I couldn't believe it! Still pinching myself.