Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hot Rod

Hot Rod
By L.A. Day

“Night Hon.” Lani kissed Mike, her husband on the check. It wasn’t a passionate kiss just a friendly kiss goodnight. With a toss of her blonde hair and a flip of her hand, she acknowledged the other three men seated at the table.

“Nice ass,” Troy called to her retreating backside. Without turning, she flipped him the bird.

“Don’t make any offers, Babe. He’s an ass man.” Ribald laughter joined her husband’s words.
Lani clicked the bedroom door behind her.

Poker night! Ugh, a night of beer, cigars, rude noises and smells. It was a night she could cheerfully do without but Mike enjoyed it so much she humored him. Besides, she didn’t mind a night curled up in bed with a good book. Around page fifty-three, her eyes began to droop.

Lani wasn’t sure what woke her. The house was quiet but Mike wasn’t in bed. He usually slept on the couch on poker night. Being a considerate husband, he didn’t want to wake her crawling into bed at some inhuman hour of the morning. She was usually happy to have the bed to herself but tonight… tonight, she was a little horny.

She’d fallen asleep to an anthology of erotic stories. The last tale of a well-hung hero fucking his boss’s wife in the pool house manifested itself in her dream. Damn, if it hadn’t put a wad in her panties. Throwing off the covers, she ran her hand down her sheer gown. The mirror reflected back a sleep tossed woman with peaked, visible nipples. She mussed her hair seductively and licked her pouty lips. She wanted to make sure Mike would be interested when she woke him.
The couch was empty and so was the kitchen but a stream of light under the garage door alerted her to his whereabouts. Mike had just bought a new hotrod and he couldn’t resist showing it off. The guys had drooled over it for an hour before the cards came out. Mike probably had to kiss it goodnight!

“Fuck that is so hot.” It was Troy’s voice. He was still here, that was going to delay her plans. She cracked the door open hoping to get Mike’s attention and hurry him along.
“That’s right man, take it all.” Lani forgot she was going to hide behind the door so Troy couldn’t see her. The sight in front of her riveted her gaze. Her husband, her naked husband was on his knees in front of an equally naked Troy.

Troy’s eyes rose meeting hers, a smug grin curled his lip. His hands laced through Mike’s hair as he fucked his face. “Yeah, use that tongue. Does your wife suck cock this good?”

Lani couldn’t speak. Her tongue felt glued to the roof of her dry mouth. She knew she should leave but her feet wouldn’t budge. This went against everything she believed. Her husband was cheating on her with another man but somehow it was shockingly erotic. Her already aroused pussy flooded with sweet, wet heat.

Troy pulled back on Mike’s head and she heard his cock pop out of Mike's mouth. “Your ass should be ready for me by now.” Troy moved and laid Mike over the hood of the hotrod with his face turned away from her. “Lie there just like that and don’t move.”

Troy angled his body so she could watch him lube his cock. It was massive, bigger than Mike’s and his was over nine inches. She’d measured.

“Hope you’ve been wearing that plug I gave you. Cause I get a little carried away fucking virgin ass.” Lani’s knees weakened and she sank to the floor waiting for her husband to be penetrated. Sweat broke out on her brow and she licked her lips. Moving her panties to the side her fingers slid into her wet slit. Her heart pounded furiously and most of the blood pooled in her clit.

“You gonna talk or fuck?” Mike’s voice sounded breathy and nervous different from the usual gravelly pitch.

Troy spread Mike’s cheeks and she could see the tight little bud open slightly. Troy watched her as he speared one lubed finger into his ass. Mike’s breath hissed out and he started to move. She leaned forward watching, all the while penetrating her own tight hole with two fingers.

“Easy. Stay right where I put you. I’m just loosening you up a bit.” Troy rimmed Mike’s hole, working his finger in and out. “You just lie on your hotrod while I put my hot rod up your tight ass.” A strangled sound erupted from Mike but he didn’t speak. Lani remember her first time, the pleasure and the pain.

Troy moved into place behind Mike blocking her view. Then, he turned nodding his head at Lani urging her forward to kneel at his side. She hesitated only a moment. When she reached Troy’s side he pulled at a strap of her gown indicating he wanted it off. The sheer gown fluttered to the floor revealing coral tipped breasts and a softly rounded stomach.

Troy’s cock looked so good she wished it were her ass he was getting ready to split open or that she was the one splitting Mike open. Their eyes locked for a moment. “Soon.” He mouthed the word.

His cock nudged Mike’s ass. The head slipped in and Mike went up on his toes. “Easy,” Hissed Troy from between clenched teeth, another inch burrowing in and Mike shifted trying to find a grip on the car.

“Fuck you’re tight.”

Troy’s fingers dug into Mike’s ass hard enough to leave bruises. Troy pressed slowly forward.
“Just do it man. Just do it.” Mike’s tone pleaded as he thrust his ass backwards. Troy needed little encouragement and with a growl, he thrust forward burying himself balls deep.

Lani cried out at the sight, her own fingers working overtime on her clit. For a second she worried Mike had heard her but she realized that would be impossible over the male grunts and slapping flesh.

A familiar feeling fluttered through her stomach and lower. She lay back spreading her thighs. Troy’s eyes shifted back and forth between her and Mike. Mike taking a cock, her masturbating under watchful eyes seemed surreal but amounted to a thigh quaking orgasm.
Biting her lip, she silenced her cries but her body lifted and shuddered in release.
“Oh fuck.” Troy growled pulling back on Mike’s hips reaching around he yanked Mike's cock. Mike groaned his jism quickly creaming the hotrods white-walls. Troy roared his pleasure collapsing on top of Mike still buried up his ass.

“Man that was good. Even better watching your wife masturbate to the whole thing.”

Mike’s head spun around, his startled gaze meeting Lani’s satisfied grin.

“It’s gonna be even better when I fuck her in the ass while you jack off.” Lani gasped at the thought. Mike’s eyes flared with anger but he couldn't complain with his ass still full of cock.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Good for the imagination.

Just what I need to get the creative juices flowing. So to speak!

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Warrior's Destiny

The story I'm currently working on has a working title of Warrior's Destiny. A modern day Witch brings an Indian warrior to the year 2006. It's an erotic romance with a touch of comedy.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

L. A. Day writes erotica and romance.

My inspiration!

I've been working on love scenes today and needed inspiration!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dominating my Man!

Dominating my Man!
By, L.A. Day

He relaxed against the headboard. His thighs spread wide with one knee bent. His cock was long and firm sprouting from a nest of dark curls, beneath his arousal hung his large, heavy sac.
Submissively, I crawled between his legs my eyes downcast just the way he liked. First, I inhaled his strong, musky scent. The scent guaranteed to make me wet.
I nuzzled his sac, gently suckling each testicle. His lips parted and he began to pant but he said not a word.
My hands now tenderly fondled his balls as my tongue played tribute to his cock. It was about eight inches long and thick, a nice cock for sucking. I suckled the fleshy head barely grazing the sensitive skin with my teeth.
He gasped and lifted his hips.
One hand left his balls, my fingers traveling the length of his crack, stopping to tease the puckered flesh of his anus. He tensed as my fingers played and I expected the usual response when I touched him there. A firm “no” but he stayed silent.
Encouraged, I licked my fingers and repeated the process.
My mouth still paid homage to his cock but I have to admit my mind was now on his ass. This time I pressed firmly against his opening. I didn’t penetrate him but I wanted him to think I might.
I let his cock slid out of my mouth with a pop.
I met the eyes of my lover. They were dark, hungry and a little wary. We’d been lovers for three years, in all that time he always took the dominant role in our love life.
I didn’t mind, I enjoyed it in fact.
There was nothing better than having a strong, dominant male bend you to his will. If I was bad, he spanked me if I was good he spanked me harder. He often used toys, filling one of my holes with his cock and the other with an assortment of vibes and dongs.
Tonight was different though, I sensed it from the moment we touched. Looking into his eyes, I knew it as fact. As much as I loved our sex life lately, I’d wanted to experience what it was to be The Dom.
I’d read books on the subject. I’d left them lying around where he would be sure to see but he never mentioned them. Obviously, though he’d gotten the message.
He flipped the pillow next to him down and my eyes lit up. Lying against the crisp white sheet was a small dildo, a set of anal beads and a tube of lube.
My eyes flew back to his and he smiled if it was a nervous smile that was to be expected. “I won’t hurt you.” I promised, I was nearly salivating at the thought of penetrating my lover’s virgin ass.
“I trust you.” His voice was whiskey rough and just the sound of it made my pussy clench.
“Stretch out baby, and let me give you a massage.”
He stretch full length on the bed but he still lay on his back. I had to smile. I knew he was nervous, he wasn’t ready for penetration but I was in no hurry. I kneaded his arms and chest. He had a thickly muscled chest with just a sprinkling of hair. I plucked at his male nipples until they stood as erect as his cock. I suckled a nipple, swirling my tongue around it. His body was mine to do with, as I wanted.
I trailed my hands down his abs, his stomach muscles rippled under my hands I knew what he wanted but I avoided his groin. His cock looked delicious leaking a stream of pre-cum and I wanted to taste it. I licked my lips. It would have to wait.
Moving to his feet, I massaged each digit and gave extra attention to the arch of his foot. He groaned in enjoyment, he seemed to be loosening up.
I worked his calf muscles and his thighs. He was totally relaxed except for his erection. I slapped a hand on his thigh. “Roll over.” It wasn’t a request and I used the voice I use when disciplining a disruptive student.
He complied without a word but I sensed some of the tenseness working its way back into his body. What did he think I was going to do, part his cheeks and thrust the dildo up his ass?
I went to work on his shoulders and back. He had broad shoulders and a muscled back from hard physical work. I worked my way to his waist, up, and over his ass. He shuddered slightly.
I worked each leg from the back, letting my breasts with pebbled tips drag across his hips and thighs. As I placed each leg back on the bed, I spread them wider, parting his thighs. Kneeling between them, I suckled on his tight sac. His breath hissed out of his body.
Finally, I parted his cheeks, at first there was a little resistance. Then, he relaxed. I licked up and down his crack, tonguing his hole. I mimicked the way he prepared me. His anus was a tight, virgin bud and it was mine. I almost came just thinking about it.
I moved up the bed to sit next to the display of toys. His eyes met mine. I picked up the small dildo and his eyes widened. I grinned. “I think I need to lube this a bit.”
I suckled the new, clean dildo into my mouth, leaning back, I swallowed most of the length. I popped it out. “Mmm, not wet enough.” I shoved it up my dripping pussy and he gasped starting to move.
I slapped his ass, hard. “I didn’t tell you to move.”
He settled.
“I might have to punish you for that.” I picked up the lube and moved back between his thighs. The dildo was still lodged in my cunt. It was so wet I was surprised it stayed. The lube was cool on my fingers. I parted his firm ass and teased his anus.
The time for teasing was over. I inserted my index finger to the first knuckle rimming his ass. A strange little sound escaped his lips but he didn’t protest.
He was tight and his sphincter sucked at my finger. The inside of him was hot and the flesh tender almost raw. I’d never felt anything so tender not even my own cunt.
I slowly circled, then thrust and withdrew. Thrust and withdrew. About the forth time, I added my middle finger. A rush of breath left his body and he pushed back against my hand.
I was so excited my cunt was clenching around the dildo and I almost hated to remove it but I did. The dildo was well lubricated and so was his ass. Hesitantly, I removed my fingers. I wanted to see the dildo in his ass but it wouldn’t be the same as my fingers in there feeling every clench of his muscles.
It was small by dildo standards but bigger than my two fingers so I inserted it slowly, deeply. I fucked his ass in a slow aching rhythm but I needed more. He needed more. “Get on your hands and knees.” I demanded.
He jumped to do my biding. His cock was hanging long and heavy and his sac pulled tight to his body. His movements dislodged his pillow and I saw where he stashed one of my dildos for later. I knew he planned to pay me back with interest for every thing I did. I couldn’t wait.
I quickly grabbed the dildo while he wasn’t looking. It wasn’t my largest one but it was nice sized and vein riddled just the right size to trip my trigger. I guess he was going to get a little more than he bargained for.
For now, I worked the dildo with one hand and lightly stroked his cock with the other. I didn’t want him to cum just yet.
I licked at his balls as I lubed the bigger cock that I had wedged between my thighs. It needed to be nice and slick when I slid it into his tight hole.
“You taste so good, Baby,” I told him as I licked my way up his ass removing the dildo. I licked at his hole that was no longer puckered so tightly. “So good, Baby.”
I placed the head of the thicker girthed dildo at his entrance. I pushed and he parted. I pushed harder. “Fuck!” he swore and tried to move away. I held him by a firm grip to his balls.
“That’s right you’re going to get a nice hard fuck.” I thrust it deeper. “I told you I was going to punish you.” The dildo went deeper. “Be a man, take it like a man. Take this nice big cock right up your ass.” I let go of his balls and began stroking his cock. My hand was wet with lube and glided easily over the rigid flesh. I had him, I knew I had him as I stroked his cock and pounded his ass.
“Fuck!” he screamed.
“Fuck!” He came in great bursts all over the bed.
He collapsed on the bed unmindful of his jism all over the sheet. He rolled onto his back and just stared at me.
Reaching under the pillow, he extracted a leather strap. “You’ve been a bad girl.”
I lowered my eyes. The strap slapped my thigh in a stinging caress. It was going to be a long night. My pussy clenched in anticipation.