Friday, March 27, 2009


Definition of obsession: An obsession is an unwelcome, uncontrollable, and persistent idea, thought, image, or emotion that a person cannot help thinking even though it creates significant distress or anxiety.

Lately, I've had alot going on in my real world and I have become obsessed with one aspect of my life. The problem is that the obsession doesn't change anything and I am accomplishing nothing.

Sitting here, I am thinking back over the last month or so and I realize I have been spinning my wheels so to speak. I've let something beyond my control take over my life. I haven't written much, chatted, updated sites, blogged or accomplished any of my usual tasks.

I've decided to do my best not to worry about what I can't control and concentrate on what I can do. Sounds easy...not!

Has anyone else become obsessed with something in their life, a story line or research?

Friday, March 06, 2009


Lately it seems I’ve been on an unwanted break from my writing career but I am pleased to announce I just signed a new contract. Made for Me, an erotic sci-fi story will release from Ellora’s Cave. Release date yet to be determined. The sequel, Made to Order is almost finished.

The Hunters for Hire bible will soon be available at Ellora’s Cave as a free read. If you read my book Savage or any of the other Hunters for Hire stories or if you have an interest in sci-fi you should check it out. This is a huge book we’ve put together with all worlds, species, environments and so forth that we created. It’s pretty cool and will give you some insight into the stories.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


The winners have been drawn for my Huge Holiday Giveaway!!

Winner of Sony Ebook reader --- Marsha Moore

Winners of signed copies of Warriors in Time---- Rhonda Barnes & Julie Robinson.

Winners have been sent a notification by email.

Thank you to everyone that entered and congrats to the winners.