Friday, November 03, 2006

Under Cover Sexbot

I just finished and submitted my forth novel to Ellora's Cave, titled Under Cover Sexbot. It's a futuristic story of Mav, a federation officer going undercover as a sexbot to infiltrate a drug lab. When Kari, a female scientist that works for the company under suspicion orders a sexbot he takes its place. Of course, he's wanted the scientist since the first time he opened the file. He fits the description Kari submitted to the sex site perfectly because he inspired her order (She saw Mav while he was watching her.) She soon discovers he's not a robot but not before he delivers on some overdue sexual satisfaction. Together, they bust the drug dealers and serve up some just punishment but can Kari forgive his initial deception. Mav will do anything to prove he truly was made for her.

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