Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Blurb of The Last Warrior

The Last Warrior, by L.A. Day
Releases March 16, 2007 from Ellora’s Cave
Copyright 2007

Tara Montgomery is a witch and an imaginary lover haunts her dreams. When she senses her dream man is in danger she performs a spell to bring him to her. Little does she know her dream man is a Yahi warrior from 1866.

Shot in the back, Lone Wolf envisions a beautiful spirit guide. Waking up, he finds his spirit guide is actually a white woman. From her way of dress, he surmises she is a white-eyes whore. He refuses to admit he understands and speaks the English language but still they connect on a primal level. Lone Wolf knows of only one way to repay the white woman’s kindness. Since, her words say she desires him and he hungers for her, he joins her in her bed and finds the other half of his soul.

Tara is horrified to discover Lone Wolf is from the year 1866 and can understand every word she spoke but she refuses to return him to his time, to certain death. She wants a future with the sexy warrior but can he accept his life in 2007 and her darkest secret, that she is a witch?

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