Friday, April 20, 2007

Derby is fast approaching!

I live in Louisville, KY and if you don’t know, that’s the home of the Kentucky Derby. This weekend begins the two weeks of celebrating leading up to The Derby. Saturday is Thunder over Louisville. During the day there is an Air Show and at night a huge Fireworks display. There is something for everyone and with the weather predicted to be beautiful, it should be an awesome day.

The Derby runs on Saturday, May 5th. Derby is always the first Saturday in May. If you like horse racing it’s a must see event.

May 4th Oaks Day at the track and also my authors day at REO and I plan to incorporate a horsey theme. There will be prizes to win. So join me May 4th to celebrate the May 2nd release of Barbarian Mate. And yes, Bruton does ride a horse in one scene.

Laura/L.A. Day


DragonStar1974 said...
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DragonStar1974 said...

I can't wait!! Though my family has only visited the track off season once, its always been a tradition for my Mom and I to watch each year on tv no matter where we are!