Sunday, January 06, 2008

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

I don't read or usually follow young adult books but I have to mention that my teenage daughter just finished Twilight and she loved it. We had to go out today and buy New Moon and Eclipse because she couldn't wait to read them.

I had to give a shout out for this book because I am so thrilled that it managed to snag my daughter's attention. Until recently, she only read when she had to for school. She had started reading the Clique Books and she likes those too. However, for her they don't compare to Twilight.

I didn't think she would ever find my love for reading but now I'm not sure. Of course, at the rate she is going, she'll finish the series by the end of the week. Hopefully, I'll be able to find another series she'll enjoy just as much.

Any recommendations?

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the.witch said...

Ha. my daughter has fallen in love with them also. (I'll get back to you with other books that I got for her, but she's stuck on Edward and the gang. :D LOL why I'm writing (in this particular day...going to comment on other days later :) ) is because she just found out, that there are going to be 2 more books. Breaking Dawn (about the wedding) and finally Midnight Sun (and this really has her in a tizzy) because it's suppose to be Edwards 'view' of all the events. If you're daughter is like mine, she's going to be thrilled to here it. (Breaking Dawn around October)

don't you just love it, when they act like you? (hehehe, in reference to daughter acting like yourself, when you're anxiously waiting for the next story of one of your favorite authors...?is this a hint? mmmm could be) :D :D