Thursday, June 05, 2008

TT # 44

A list of my favorite tv shows that are no longer on. Some are old some are new.

1. Moonlight (pout)
2. Buffy
3. Angel
4. Will and Grace
5. Friends
6. Xena
7. The X Files
8. Happy Days
9. The Andy Griffith Show
10. Cheers
11. The Gilmore Girls
12. Everybody Loves Raymond
13. Charmed

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Tempest Knight said...

I missed the last two episodes of "Moonlight" because my cable was acting out. Then last Friday they was no "Moonlight." I've heard that it was canceled. I sooo hope that's not true! I went by the website and they talked about a season finale, and I was like "WTF?!" The season had barely started!

Paige Tyler said...

Love Buffy, Angel, X-Files and Charmed! Gotta add Firefly!


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LA Day said...

I hate to tell you unless another network picks it up Moonlight is canceled. I can't believe they'd cancel such an awesome show. The writer's strick really messed everything up.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Man, I miss Buffy and Angel...

Jambrea said...

I love your list. Xena was GREAT! I loved that show. I agree with Paige about adding Firefly. That show was cut too short!!

I really don't miss Angel and Buffy too much because I have the whole series on DVD. :)