Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do you Love Alpha Males? Join the group!

New Yahoo Group to promote the Alpha Male Hero!

LA Day and Paige Tyler have started a new Group to promote Alpha Males. We would like to invite anyone who enjoys reading or writing about an Alpha Male to join. We will have Open Promo days on Fridays for all authors to promote their work. Our Grand Opening is scheduled for November 3rd and everyone is welcome to attend. Authors you are welcome to promote Your Alpha Males. Readers are welcome to hang out, chat and try to win prizes.

This will be a fun ADULT group (18 and over, please) and at times it will have a High Volume of posts, you may wish to be set to Daily Digest.

The link to join is below. If you have any questions email LA Day at: laday@insightbb.com

Join the GROUP celebrate the Alpha Male.

Laura/LA Day

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