Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen things that disgust me about the low-carb diet.

1. I can’t have Mountain Dew.
2. You can only eat chicken so many ways.
3. Just because something says sugar free, it doesn’t mean carb free.
4. No fruit! (during induction phase) Who ever heard of a diet w/ no fruit.
5. Drink 8-10 glasses or water a day. I have enough water retention as is.
6. Did I mention no Mountain Dew, which means no caffeine.
7. Eggs! Yuck!
8. It gives you a really bad taste in your mouth.
9. No pasta. Did I mention my dh is half Italian.
10. No bread. (see above)
11. No dessert.
12. It’s no fun to eat a hamburger w/o the bun.
13. Did I mention NO MOUNTAIN DEW!

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Lorelei James said...

I hear ya. No fruit? When the summer abounds with it? That's just wrong.

Then again my clothes are a wee bit tight...

Tilly Greene said...

Oh man, that one has got to hurt! But no fruit? I hope that part ends I finish off my second pint of water - blech!


I am on this high protein diet, LA, and definitely can relate to this TT. No fruit! I am just watering at the mouth for an!!

Anne said...

OMG. No way. I so could NOT do that diet. EVER. I love fruit, I love pasta, and I love bread. LOL I require fruit on a daily basis. I could not do it. Fruit is one of my absolute fave foods and especially summer fruits now!

(((HUGS))) to you!

Paige Tyler said...

See, that's why I don't get into any of those fad diets. I'm totally crazy about watching what I eat, bu I definitely think you need variety!


My TT is at

Tempest Knight said...

Hehehe! I feel you about the Mountain Dew. I'm like that with Coca-Cola. Can't give it up!

shiloh walker said...

i take it diet mountain doesn't do it the trick

Cora Zane said...

Induction! Two weeks of pure torture for the sweet lover. I should be on Atkins right now, but I just ate a bowl of Honeycombs. *sigh* I am so week...

Hang in there, LA! The 6-9 pounds you can drop during that phase is definitely worth it.

N.J.Walters said...

Woman was not meant to live without carbs. LOL I'd starve without them. Bread, pasta, fruit...yum.

Nicole Austin said...

Ack! I can't do without my carbs. I ended up going into a feeding frenzy after about a week.
Good luck with the diet!

Lauren Dane said...

LOL! Ouch. Just another 13 reasons why I didn't go that way. I'd die without bread.

shelley said...

I love fruit. It's my favorite thing. I'd have trouble with the pasta restriction as well.

LA Day said...

It's pretty disgusting. I just finished my dinner of ham and more ham w/ water. Sounds exciting doesn't it. On the bright side I lost 5 pounds in 4 days.

Rodrigo said...

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