Wednesday, September 19, 2007

5 Lips & a Recommended Read for Feral Lust!

5 Lips and a Recommended Read for Feral Lust from Tara Renee @ TwoLips
Feral Lust has to be one of the most erotic and passionate tales by LA Day that I have ever read. Leon’s passion towards Riza is a different emotion than he is used to feeling for women and this difference in emotions gives him an appeal that I loved. Riza is actually a very vulnerable woman who risks her heart on Leon only to have it broken. My heart bled for her when Leon messes up. There is an intense scene where Leon shares Riza with two other men in order to prove her worth to her pack. It will leave readers breathless and tingly! Feral Lust is the sequel to Feral Domination but it stands on its own. I do recommend reading Feral Domination though, as it too is a wonderful read. I can hardly wait to read more about Ms. Day’s shifters.

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