Thursday, July 17, 2008

TT #48

Yesterday was my anniversary. So today, I thought I’d list 13 things I’ve learned about men over the years. Some I’ve learned from my husband and some from all the men in my life.

1. GPS is the most awesome invention. Now we don’t have to ride around lost for hours.
2. Men do not Bitch. They cuss, swear, argue or fight but they do not bitch. So don’t tell them to quit bitching.
3. A ‘Love Injection’ can cure anything. I have been told that there is much evidence to back this up but I haven’t seen it myself.
4. Men think slapping your ass or pinching you is foreplay –sad but true.
5. Straight men think it is more natural for women to be lesbians than for men to be gay.
6. Within 2 minutes, a man can turn any conversation into a conversation about sex.
7. As men age, they lose the hair on their head and grow it everywhere else.
8. Most men enjoy playing with sex toys as long as they are not being replaced by one.
9. Men will watch sappy love stories if they think it will lead to sex.
10. When reading erotic romances, men skip through and only read the ‘good parts’. (sex & violence)
11. Men only know primary colors. They do not wear lilac, sea foam, teal, aqua etc.
12. If you are both sick, they are sicker. You have never been as sick as they are.
13. Men do not show weakness in front of other men. If they smash their thumb with a hammer or cut themselves on a piece of pipe they will say they are fine as finger, toe, limb, etc is still attached. They will not bitch about it until they get hoe. (Oops-I meant they won’t cuss about it. See #2.)

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Paige Tyler said...

Happy Anniversary!


My TT is at

Tess said...

These were fun, L.A. And you're so right. One thing I'd add though is that a man never shows weakness in front of another man, but you better believe when he gets home he shows that smashed finger to his woman and expects all the attention in the world. lol

Happy Anniversary, Girl!

LA Day said...

Thanks Paige!

LA Day said...

You know it. But for all their faults we love them anyway.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Happy anniversary!

And yes, I've learned these lessons, too. Sad, isn't it?

LA Day said...

LOL Susan!

Nicole Austin said...

LOL! Great list and very true. Happy Anniversary!

LA Day said...

Thanks Nicole!