Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Unavailable for a bit!

Hey Everyone,

FYI, I am having my surgery tomorrow, October 1st so I will be unavailable for a couple of days. I will check emails as soon as possible and I’ll post as soon as I feel well enough.

It figures that the weather is turning beautiful just as I’m about to be confined. Hope you all have great weather and a chance to enjoy it.

I still have to post my October Newsletter tonight on my site. After that, if I have the time, I'll post something yummy for anyone who stops by to see.

Talk to you soon,


Cathy said...

Hi Laura, you were on my mind today, so I wanted to pop in to wish you a speedy recovery (but not too speedy, that you don't get to finish reading your fabulous list of books).

LA Day said...

Thanks Cathy!
I'm home from the hospital but on major meds. Haven't been up to reading anything yet but I'm sure I'll feel better soon.