Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blurb of Feral Domination

Blurb of Feral Domination by L.A. Day

Gionne Valde, the alpha male of the wolf pack wants Jenna, a feline shapeshifter as his mate but the fates are manipulated to separate them before the two breeds can join.

Two years later, the felines need a favor and Gionne will help for a price-Jenna. Once Gionne sees Jenna, again he will do anything to possess her. He holds Jenna as collateral for the debt. Holding an unmated female that comes into heat within the pack proves dangerous. To protect her, he takes her innocence, claiming her as his mate.

Jenna Muldrew gave her heart to Gionne only to have it broken. Now, she must accept Gionne's terms in order to save her pack. Seeing Gionne stirs all the old feelings but Jenna refuses to submit to the alpha until she suffers his brand of dominant persuasion. Just as Jenna begins to accept her feral mate, a pack member plots to get rid of her.

A malevolent force doesn't want to see a merger between the two feral breeds and works to separate them. In order to insure Jenna’s safety, Gionne introduces Jenna to the pleasures of a ménage. Even with the help of another male, it proves difficult to keep Jenna safe from unreasonable prejudice.

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