Thursday, January 18, 2007

SciFi project

I've been working on a SciFi project with other authors from Ellora's Cave and presented a propoasal to the publisher. It's been acceptted. Series name will be Hunter's for Hire!!
All the author's will do their own take but the continuing story will be that of Bounty Hunter's. We created a world, a company (Bounty Hunter's Inc.), lots of recurring character's, planets, weapons, spaceships. It's pretty cool.
I'm about 5000k into my first story, Savage. Dean Savage is a bounty hunter. Three years earlier he saved a girl from a life of sexual slavery by marrying her. At seventeen, he thought her too young for him so he left her on an agriculutral planet w/ his aunt. A precious mineral is discovered on her planet and she's in danger. Savage goes to her rescue and finds a woman has replaced the girl he left behind but is she still waiting for him??

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