Thursday, January 18, 2007

Excerpt Feral Domination

This excerpt of Feral Domination is unedited and may differ from the final version, which releases on January 31, 2007.
Copyright © LA. DAY, 2006

Finally, she was within his grasp. There would be no escape for her this time. Noon tomorrow. The words rang in his ears. Emil had just confirmed the time of their meeting. He had anticipated this day for two years. Yesterday he received the message from the Carbonesse requesting a meeting. Part of his duties as alpha was to monitor the other shape shifting races and it gave him an opportunity to keep track of Jenna. In recent months, he had witnessed the struggles of the Carbonesse. Several years of droughts had led to the inevitable forest fires. The Valde had been lucky in escaping any severe damage to their lands. The felines had not fared as well. Now they sought assistance, he might be willing to help for a price.

The night was quiet, almost as if all the creatures held their breath in anticipation. Wandering into his moonlit, private garden, he followed a winding cobblestone path lined with lupine statues to a hidden frost brushed bench. With a sigh, he collapsed upon it. Overhead, the brightness of the wolf’s moon drew his feral gaze. His mind was troubled. The future of his people perched squarely on his shoulders and sometimes the burden was heavy. Valde and Carbonesse. Lupine and Feline. They had shared this mountain for centuries. Coexistence required wary acceptance of one another’s ways and respect for the others territory. Ultimately, their goals were the same, to live in peace and to keep the outsiders, the humans at bay. They needed each other to survive.

He needed Jenna to live, the past couple of years he had only existed.

Doubts plagued him, his father’s death was a heavy burden to carry but he had to believe that his relationship with Jenna was not the cause of it. His sister, Riza made him believe it. How could his father have resented his relationship with a feline when he had loved a feline as well?
Tomorrow he would look into his counterpart’s eyes and judge his intent before reaching a final decision, even though he feared in his heart that his decision had been made long ago.
He had known Jenna’s brother, Leon Muldrew as a young male, rash, careless, always out for an adventure. The last couple of years they had met on rare occasion. They had both changed under the weight of leadership. No longer were they the best of friends, but he owed the Carbonesse ruler a personal debt. He would settle the debt tomorrow.

Ominously, a ring encircled the moon. Was it a warning or a sign? He judged he had about a sixteen-hour wait until the fruition of his dreams. It would be a long night.
Lunging to his feet, he paced inside the walled enclosure in an attempt to work off some excess energy. Suddenly, the walls seemed to close in upon him. The beast within him raged as he felt the need to change and let his baser side free.

His clothes now a nuisance, he ripped them off. A single beam of moonlight revealed a face stark with need. Slowly raising one hand, he trailed the tips of his fingers along the ridge on the underside of his erection. A grimace of pain and pleasure contorted his face. Tomorrow the ache that had gnawed at him for so long would end. He could still remember the taste of her sweet cream on his tongue. In his mind, he imagined Jenna’s delicate fingers tracing the veins of his cock, her lips parting as he thrust between their lush fullness.

“Tomorrow.” He gasped with a tortured breath ripping his hand away. The familiar tingle of transformation glided up his spine as he threw back his head and howled.

Restlessness plagued Jenna as she tossed in her bed. The thought of seeing Gionne tomorrow intensified the hollow ache within her womb.

Bolting upright, she flung perspiration dampened covers from her nude body and ran to her window to perch on the window seat. She threw open the shutters, the view that greeted her was breathtaking, the dense pine-covered mountainside sprinkled with snow, but that was not what drew her from her bed.

The restless sounds of the night greeted her. There it was again. She knew his call. He was out there somewhere. It reverberated through her soul, the tiny hairs at her neckline stood up. She felt the familiar tingling along her spine, her body’s want of the change. When she was young, she had answered his call many times. However, she was not that young girl anymore. The full moon beckoned and she yearned to trot across the mountainside with the crunch of ice and snow beneath her paws. It was out of the question though, at least for tonight. It would be far too dangerous in her current condition. Instead, she curled her frame upon the window seat staring aimlessly out into the night. Dropping her hand between her thighs her fingers tried in vain, to provide relief to the raging heat within.


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