Monday, December 03, 2007

Excerpt: Adventures in Space, Owned

This is an excerpt of my December 21st release from Changeling press.

In her quarters, Aurelia’s hands shook as she smoothed her hair. The Jibodi Roll was too formal a look. She didn’t want John to think she was trying to impress him. Tugging the pins out of her hair, she brushed the long riotous curls. “Am I making a mistake?” she asked her reflection. The redheaded image smiled and shook its head. “I knew you would agree with me.” She’d learned the hard way to count only on herself. She made her own decisions and her own mistakes.

“If you are finished talking to yourself, I thought you might want to know, a hovercraft from the UGT detention facility just landed.” Ro smirked.

Aurelia’s stomach dropped. “Sweet heavens.” He was here. She hadn’t really believed the United Galactic Territories would sell him.

“It’s not too late. I can send him away.”

But, it was too late, years too late. It was too late the first time Michel brought John home. He’d been twenty-six to her nineteen, a man in every since of the word. It was a shame it had come to this. She had never thought he’d join the resistance and turn on Michel or her.

Trembling legs carried her through her small craft. Standing at the open airlock, a blast of hot air stole her breath. She rarely landed on Mateo-Alpha, she detested the arid landscape but she’d agreed to meet the detention ship here. It was a two-man UGT detention hauler. She waved her arm and the gangway opened. A large, shirtless man filled the opening. Neuro-locks encased his wrists but his dark head had a high tilt as he descended the stairs. He didn’t look abused. There was no obvious bruising or scarring.

“Aurelia Giat?” the droid proceeding John asked.

“Yes. I have the documentation. Here’s the purchase and release agreement.” Her hands shook but she worked hard to control the tremble in her voice.

Silently, the droid took the documents from her and scanned the papers. “All seems to be in order. From this point on you are responsible for John Blaten, ex-commander of The Galliant of the Halian Federation.”

“I understand.” Did her voice sound as wobbly as it felt?

The droid handed the papers along with a small disc back to her. “This is the neuro-control key.”

She rolled up the papers. “Thank you.”

Without another word, the droid turned and marched back up the stairs. The moment she had dreaded had arrived. She was alone with John. Swallowing deeply, she turned to look at her possession. Sucking in a ragged breath, she met his gaze. She might quake internally but she’d be damned if she’d show it. Flat, black eyes stared at her from a stoic face. Pursing her lips, she deliberately raked her gaze over his near naked frame and her pussy slicked with desire.

Perspiration dotted his golden skin and it gleamed. A sprinkling of chest hair tapered to disappear beneath the Federation uniform pants he still wore. They appeared to be a size too big as they rode low on his lean hips exposing well-defined abs. Under the loose fitting pants laid the evidence of his arousal.
Her mouth was suddenly dry. Aurelia closed her eyes as her knees nearly gave out. Oh, lord. He’s mine to do with, as I will. “Looks like you’re happy to see me.”

John’s expressionless gaze ran over her. “Or maybe I’m excited to be free.”

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