Thursday, December 20, 2007

TT #25

This weeks TT is a list of my thirteen favorite Christmas gifts. Over the years, I have received some wonderful presents and this is some of my favorites, in no particular order!

1. Christmas 1994, I discovered I was pregnant with my beautiful daughter. She is the best present I could ask for.
2. Christmas 2001, we bought Sassy, our miniature schnauzer.
3. Christmas 2006, we bought Ellie, our yorkie.
4. When I was young I received a baby doll, I named Susie. She was my favorite.
5. A Fort Apache set.
6. A pair of gold earrings, my husband gave me the first Christmas we were dating which would have been 1984.
7. A trip to Las Vegas in 1990, we actually when over New Years though.
8. A clay ornament my daughter made for me.
9. The last Christmas card my mom ever sent me.
10. The angel for the top of my tree. My dh bought it for me the first year we were married, 1988.
11. A necklace my daughter got out of a bubble gum machine and gave to me. It may be a little tacky but it’s precious.
12. The special time I send with loved ones every Christmas.
13. The look on my daughter’s face every Christmas morning.

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Sometimes, the tacky gifts are the most meaningful. Even if they come out of bubble gum machines!

Have a great Christmas, LA. And the cover for your December release? Wow. I had a hard time not staring at him and focusing on your Thirteen!!

Tempest Knight said...

Wow... Christmas time has certainly been very eventful for you. *wg*

Paige Tyler said...

That is a great TT!


My TT is at

Open Grove Claudia said...

Gosh, what a great list. I love that there are so many wonderful gifts. You must be well love. YEA!

Happy TT!