Thursday, February 28, 2008

TT #32

13 of my favorite things not including family and friends.. There are not in any order.

1. Chinese Food
3. Reading
4. Moonlight-TV show
5. Bold & the Beautiful-Soap Opera
6. Internet
7. Laptops
8. Sunshine
9. The beach- any beach where it is warm and sunny.
10. Warm weather- okay I have a theme going on these last three-you guessed it. It’s cold here today and I want to be warm.
11. Puppies
12. A good massage
13. Mountain Dew-It's how I start my day.

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Darla said...

Ahhh... warm weather on a sunny beach. Sounds heavenly! :)

Tempest Knight said...

Love Moonlight too! I can't live without internet too. Hehehe! Oh, them. Heh! Hmmm... a good massage... I could use one of those about now. :)

Paige Tyler said...

Great list! Love my laptop! And the beach!


My TT is at

Shelley Munro said...

Puppies and warm weather :)
I have to admit, I've been watching Bold & Beautiful recently. They always end on such a great hook.

Gwen Mitchell said...

Hmm... I'm with you on everything but NASCAR, B&B, and Mt. Dew. They must be acquired tastes. =P Happy TT! ~Gwen

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I could go for some warm weather; it's in the teens here again today. Brr.

I need a massage, too.

But I've been getting great pleasure from the latest set of bookmarks you sent. That is one hot tushie!!! Yowie! Yummy!

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on everything but the Mountain Dew. I'm a coffee addict.

Happy TT!

Lori said...

Great list...there are a few things I like in there too:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

Harris Channing said...

I wish I were on a warm beach with an umbrella drink and the sound of the ocean in my ears...oh wait, I have the roaring...damned tinnitus!

Destiny Blaine said...

Love the 13 and craving a sandy beach since there is ice here in TN!