Sunday, February 24, 2008

Week One

My first week as a stay at home full time write wasn’t what I expected. Monday was President’s Day so my daughter was off school and had a friend over…translate I got nothing done. Tuesday was my first day home alone. It took me a while to get into the right or write state of mind. However, Wednesday was a productive day.

Thursday was another story. Due to an ice storm, school was cancelled at 10:00 am. I ended up with four girls at my house all day. Friday started out slow. School was delayed two hours but I was back from the bus stop by 8:45 am and ready to chat. I had two scheduled chats for the day.

School called about 11:00am to say my daughter was sick. So, I was off to pick her up. I did get to chat some but most of the afternoon was spent waiting on her. She looked so pathetic though, I felt sorry for her. Saturday, I took her to the doctor. She has the flu. Thanks to some wonderful medicine, she seems much better. Not sure if she’ll go to school tomorrow or not. I’ll see how she feels in the morning. I figure by Tuesday, I’ll have the flu. That’s about how my luck goes. LOL

If I manage to stay well I should have Eye Stone finished this week. Then, I’m on to the sequel to Undercover Pleasure Droid.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yep, that's pretty much how my week went, too. Minus the flu, thankfully. But in terms of the interruptions and kids clamoring and such.

Samantha Lucas said...

Well, you can't say it's been boring. :) Hope things calm down for you soon.

Red Garnier said...

Yey more L.A. Day now that you're writing full time! :)

LA Day said...

Thanks all.
I'm glad to report my daughter is feeling better and should return to school tomorrow.