Thursday, February 14, 2008

TT#30 Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day everyone!
Here are 13 Valentine presents I’d like to receive:

1. A massage complete with warm scented oil.
2. A bubble bath for two.
3. A weekend getaway with just the hubby.
4. Dinner for two over candlelight.
5. An evening slow dancing with hubby.
6. A foot massage.
7. No calorie chocolate.
8. A trip to a day spa.
9. A love note/poem written by my hubby.
10. A stress free day with no computers, tv, phones…
11. Cleaning service once a month to do the chores, I detest.
12. Breakfast in bed.
13. A hug and kiss from my other favorite valentine, my daughter.

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Darla said...

That sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day! I hope you get all of it! (and if you do get the calorie-free chocolate, let the rest of us know where we can get it too!)

Harris Channing said...

I hope you get your Valentine wishes and if you come across calorie free chocolate DO SHARE!

Happy TT and Valentines Day.


LA Day said...

I think my hubbie will have a difficult time finding the calorie free chocolate.

Paige Tyler said...

Ooooh, yummy list!