Thursday, March 20, 2008

TT #35

Last week, I listed 13 nicknames for penis so this week to be fair I thought I'd list 13 nicknames for vagina. Once again, these aren't names I'd use but here ya go.

1. Cockpit
2. Weiner Warmer
3. Manhole
4. Bush Box
5. Peter Pleaser
6. Johnson's Cave
7. Plug Hole
8. Docking Station
9. Cock Holster
10. Putang
11. Fur Burger
12. Twat
13. Snatch

And to think some people find the word cunt offensive. LOL

Oh, and if you have seen it. Look down at the next post for a peek at my newest HOT cover. The book, Feral Intensity doesn't release until September 5th but I just had to show off the cover.

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Lori said...

OMG...that is too funny. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)

Darla said...

LOL! These are so bad they're funny.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Darla's right: so bad they're funny.


Paige Tyler said...

Eeeeek! LOL!


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