Thursday, August 21, 2008

TT 51

The Kentucky State Fair is in town and I thought I'd post about the things I enjoy at the fair.

1. People watching. Sitting around watching people can be very entertaining.
2. The music tents. Some of the performers are awesome.
3. The huge sow and the baby pigs. I love the baby pigs.
4. Petting the bunnies. Their fur is so soft.
5. Cool hand-made jewelry
6. The native crafts
7. The rides
8. Playing the games. You know they cheat but you can't stop playing.
9. The food-Elephant Ears
10. Corn on the cob cooked in the husk with tons of butter
11. Watching my hubby glare at the boys eyeing our daughter. (20 years ago he used to glare at them watching me. Where did the time go?)
12. Horse shows. I like the miniature horse shows.
13. Finding your car after a long, hot day and sitting down in the air conditioner. Your feet hurt, your shoes are sticky, you're hotter than hell. You had fun.

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Paige Tyler said...

Yup, fairs are fun!


My TT is at

Nicole Austin said...

Sounds like a great fair! People watching is always a blast! Poor hubby. Having girls in the family is tough on them!