Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Life as I know it is over!

Today my baby girl turns 13! I'm not sure where the time has gone just yesterday she started school or it seems that way. Now, she's a young lady and a beautiful young lady too. I can only imagine the horrors of the next few years. My husband is considering leaving home until she turns 21. I almost feel sorry for her future boyfriends for I know he'll grill them to no end.

She is our one and only daughter and we've love to keep her young forever. Baring that I'd like to fast forward to her finishing college, getting married and producing grandchildren.

I can wish, I do write fantasy afterall.



Rhian said...

it's both amazing and scary when they grow up. my youngest is now fourteen and it just blows me away. of course since he's 6'2" it's a constant reminder that he is SO not a baby anymore. Thank goodness he still acts like a goober kid at times so i can hang onto the joy of mothering him just a bit longer.

LA Day said...

Is it easier with a boy than a girl? I only have the one child.
She sways between being too cool and still my baby. Sigh!

Rhian said...

i have 4 boys so i don't know how it is with girls. Three in college and the fledgling at home - it doesn't get easier. i still cry when the older ones have to go back to college.
(ps - pimping your newest tomorrow with the TT)

LA Day said...

OMG! Thank you that's so nice of you.

College is still a ways off thankfully. I can't imagine letting her go away to school. We have a great college here locally and I hope she decides to attend it, at least for the first year or so.