Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Feral Lust releases today!

Feral Lust by L.A. Day
Available today at Ellora's Cave.

Feral Lust

By the time she’d finished eating, she’d polished off her third glass of wine. “I’m stuffed.” She laughed, rolling over on the blanket and patting her flat stomach. “My jeans are too tight.”

“Take ‘em off.” Leon flashed a feral grin. “If it’d make you feel better, I’ll take mine off too.”

“Ha, real funny.” Scooping up a handful of cut flowers, she buried her heated cheeks in the array, sniffing the fragrant blossoms.

“Don’t you trust me?” Leon purred.

“Maybe, I don’t trust myself.” Her eyes fluttered up to meet his lust-filled gaze.

Leon’s grin vanished as he silently watched her. Golden eyes gleamed as he rolled to her side. “Leon,” she gasped breathlessly. His nearness played havoc with her nerves.

“Shh, I won’t do anything you don’t want.” Thick fingers rubbed her belly in slow but tight circles.


“Riza, I know you’re innocent. Trust me.”

Biting her bottom lip, she studied him. He hovered over her, the feral predator waiting to pounce. An involuntary shiver rocked her frame. Her pussy quivered from just the brush of his big body as he settled close to her and she clenched her damp thighs together. Her arousal fragranced the air and she knew he could smell her ripe scent. The scent that proclaimed she was nearing her heat cycle. Honorable males didn’t dally with females in heat unless they had serious intentions and she held that thought dearly as she made her decision. Throwing caution to the wind, she nodded. “Okay.”

A grin split his handsome face and her heart turned over. Oh lord, she would probably regret this.

His head lowered until his lips brushed her cheek. “Your skin is so soft,” he whispered at her ear. “I want to taste you.” His tongue dipped into her ear and she gasped as tingling sensations rode her spine.


“Relax,” he purred, his hand sliding from her hip to just below her left breast. “I won’t take you but I need to touch you, taste you. I need to see if you’re real, if what I feel is real.” His ardent plea stirred her deeply.

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