Sunday, April 06, 2008

Blurb of Satin Seduction

Satin Seduction
By L.A. Day
Releasing July 11, 2008 from Ellora’s Cave.


Nicole James is a designer for Satin Seduction. Her dream is to create and produce a line of lingerie that flatters the figure of rubenesque females. As a full figured woman, she knows the trials of finding comfortable and flattering lingerie. She designs the line and takes her pitch and samples to Jake, the new owner of Satin Seduction. He seems approachable and he did inspire more than a few of her sexy designs. She knows she can’t compete with the thin, sexy models that grace the studio but she hopes her designs can compete with some of the best.

Jake Malone has wanted Nicole since he purchased Satin Seduction. When she comes to his office one afternoon to pitch a line of lingerie for full-figured females, he sees an opening. He’s interested in the line but more interested in her.

Nicole is hesitant to bare her rounded curves to her hottie boss but agrees to if he’ll strip to his briefs. While modeling her designs, their mutual attraction flares to life but Nicole knows better than to read anything into the encounter.

Making love with Nicole was more than he expected but still he feels her holding back. He knows the image she has of herself stands between them. He wants a future with Nicole so he must convince her that he finds her full-figure deliciously sexy.
How do you show a woman how beautiful you find them? Sometimes pictures speak louder than words especially naughty pictures. Cameras don’t lie and beauty is more than skin deep.

Posing for Jake’s pictures makes her nervous and most of the pictures are unbecoming at least to her critical eye. She isn’t sure what Jake’s motives are but his next stunt is a revelation. She horrified to realize Jake’s used a hidden camera to film them having sex. She’s even more stunned to see what it reveals. They weren’t having sex but making love and loves eyes soften every blemish.

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