Thursday, April 17, 2008

TT #39

13 welcome signs that spring has sprung!

1. It's 55 degrees at 8:30 am
2. My hostas are sprouting everywhere.
3. The man next door is power washing his deck. (Something I need to do.)
4. Bunnies are out everywhere in the early morning. Must be mating season.
5. We've been grilling out at night which I love because there is less mess to clean up.
6. My daughter is strutting around in short shorts all the time. (Okay! I can't say this thrills me.)
7. The guy down the street mowed his grass yesterday without a shirt. (Sorry to say that didn't thrill me either.)
8. My dh emptied the lawn furniture and ornaments out of the garage last night.
9. My daughter has started asking when we will open the pool.
10. There is only 5 weeks left of school. (This doesn't thrill me except I won't have to get up early to get my daughter on the bus for school.)
11. It's the right temperature to open your windows. You don't need air or heat!
12. My dogs love to go outside in these temperatures. I think they'd stay out all day if I'd let them.
13. I have a tan. (I'll admit though that it's fake. I go to the tanning salon but you can't tell by looking.)

Hope you're enjoying spring weather where you are.

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Darla said...

Oh, I wish we had more spring-like weather here! We had frost on the car this morning. *sigh* I'm so ready for it to warm up.

Paige Tyler said...

Love spring!


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