Sunday, April 06, 2008

Excerpt Satin Seduction

Satin Seduction by LA Day
Releasing July 11, 2008 from Ellora’s Cave

He leaned forward. “You see an opportunity to meet a growing need?”

Damn. She wished he hadn’t mentioned a growing need. Her voice trembled as she continued, “A recent study says that fifty-one percent of American’s are overweight.”

Jake reached for a file on the edge of his desk. “Actually, the latest demographic is fifty-four percent but not all shapely women are overweight.”

That got her attention. “Are you already considering a new line?”

“I am. I’ve owned a majority of this company for six months now and in that time I’ve evaluated our strengths and weaknesses. I’m only thirty-five so I hope I’m not too old school to recognize a need for change.”

Nicole felt heat rise in her cheeks. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t insinuating you were old.”

“I’m not offended. I believe you are only a couple years younger.” He smirked. “I’m pleased that I have a designer with vision and initiative.”

“Thank you.” She replied quickly, on a deep breath. She could finally breathe. It was going better than she’d expected.

He fingered the corset she’d thrown on his desk. “This corset is a satin blend?”

“Satin-Lycra blend. It’s comfortable, yet controls,” she explained. “Comfort and control are important ingredients for a full-figured line.”

“What else have you designed, besides the thong, of course?”

“I have three panties, the Brazilian-cut, a hip-hugger, the thong and a brief.”

“No granny panties?” He winked.

“Never!” She pretended to gasp in horror. “Banish the thought. I’ve also finished designs for another corset, a bustier and some night clothes.”

“You’ve been busy. Have you had anyone model them?” His brows rose. “We need to test the comfort and control.”

Biting her lip, she hesitated. “We don’t have larger models. I made them in my size.”

Picking up the thong, his fingers traced the lacy edge. “You’ve modeled these?”

“I tried everything on to test the comfort and fit. Those don’t actually offer control but…” She hesitated.

“They’re sexy as hell.” His eyes ran over her and a shiver rode her spine. “Are you wearing one of your creations now?”

Nicole laughed nervously.

Jake grinned in a way that would wet any red-blooded woman’s panties. “You said you’d never charge me with harassment.”

She raised her chin. “I meant it.”

“What are you wearing?”

Her tongued felt glued to the top of her mouth and she swallowed. “I’m wearing a slimming corset with support for…”

“Support for large breasted women?” His gaze devoured her chest. She could almost believe he could see through her clothes.


He crushed the thong in his hand. “What type of panty?”

“A ruffled Brazilian-cut,” she answered and was surprised how breathy her voice sounded.

“Damn,” he breathed the word as his eyes stripped her clothing from her body. “Can I talk you into modeling them for me?”

“Me? You want me to…?” She blinked at the thought.


Nicole shifted under his intense gaze. “I’m not a model.”

“Did you model them in front of a mirror?”

“Well yes, I did.” But that was entirely different. There was no one there to see and no one to laugh if she looked ridiculous.

“Did you see how beautiful you looked?”

“I looked okay. I’ll never have a model’s figure but I looked fine.” She raised her chin.

“You say you want to celebrate full-figured women and that your line will compliment their figures. I believe you can but I don’t believe you do. For this to be a success you can’t doubt the line. You need to see and believe in the beauty of a full-figured woman.”

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