Monday, May 19, 2008

Inside Satin Seduction

This is an unedited excerpt of Satin Seduction.

How far will lingerie designed, Nicole James go to sell her new line to her studly boss? Jake Malone has desired the full-figured designer since their first meeting. Talking her into modeling her designs is just the first step in seducing her.

He fingered the corset she’d thrown on his desk. “This corset is a satin blend?”

“Satin-Lycra blend. It’s comfortable, yet controls,” she explained. “Comfort and control are important ingredients for a full-figured line.”

“What else have you designed, besides the thong, of course?”

“I have three panties, the Brazilian-cut, a hip-hugger, the thong and a brief.”

“No granny panties?” He winked.

“Never!” She pretended to gasp in horror. “Banish the thought. I’ve also finished designs for another corset, a bustier and some night clothes.”

“You’ve been busy. Have you had anyone model them?” His brows rose. “We need to test the comfort and control.”

Biting her lip, she hesitated. “We don’t have larger models. I made them in my size.”

Picking up the thong, his fingers traced the lacy edge. “You’ve modeled these?”

“I tried everything on to test the comfort and fit. Those don’t actually offer control but…” She hesitated.

“They’re sexy as hell.” His eyes ran over her and a shiver rode her spine. “Are you wearing one of your creations now?”

Nicole laughed nervously.

Jake grinned in a way that would wet any red-blooded woman’s panties. “You said you’d never charge me with harassment.”

She raised her chin. “I meant it.”

“What are you wearing?”

Her tongued felt glued to the top of her mouth and she swallowed. “I’m wearing a slimming corset with support for…”

“Support for large-breasted women?” His gaze devoured her chest. She could almost believe he could see through her clothes.


He crushed the thong in his hand. “What type of panty?”

“A ruffled Brazilian-cut,” she answered and was surprised how breathy her voice sounded.

“Damn,” he breathed the word as his eyes stripped her clothing from her body. “Can I talk you into modeling them for me?”


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I like her! Gutsy but not over the top ballsy.

LA Day said...

Thanks Susan!