Thursday, July 26, 2007

Excerpt: Feral Lust

Feral Lust
L.A. Day
Feral Lust releases from Ellora’s Cave on August 1st. Feral Lust is a sequel to Feral Domination, but may be read as a stand-alone novel.

Leon Muldrew’s life is good. He’s alpha male of his feline pack and females are plentiful until he meets Riza. The lupine female fascinates him. For once, he’s found a female that holds his interest above all others.

Riza is intrigued by Leon but knows he wouldn’t choose a half-breed as a mate. Still, she can’t resist him and surrenders her innocence to the dominant feline. She gives him her heart but she doesn’t divulge her secret.

A sinus infection and a misunderstanding nearly put an end to their relationship! Leon believes he betrayed Riza. Riza knows he would have. Can she trust him enough to offer her submission before the entire pack? Only by sharing Riza with two other males can Leon prove his love and commitment to his half-breed mate and her pack.


The evening breeze carried his scent to her and her eyes landed on the pants, he discarded at the edge of the water. With inborn stealth, she edged forward and grabbed the material pulling it back into the brush. His scent was heavy on the cloth and she had to stop her urge to roll on the material.

She peeked back out of her covering, waiting for him to emerge. She might be in wolf form but she still had her mischievous, playful feline side.

Changing into human form, she donned her slightly wrinkled gown. She wanted to apologize and she couldn’t do that while in feral form. A splash drew her gaze as he turned to shore. Shaking his head, his wild, golden mane fell about his shoulders. Her head spun.

A tawny muscular chest with just a smattering of hair was first to come into view above the water. His next step revealed rippling abs with a trail of hair leading downward. The next step revealed his crowning glory hanging long and thick down his thigh. If the frigid water had any effect on his cock, it was hard to tell.

Riza swallowed nervously at the sight. Her hands trembled as she wiped their dampness on her gown. What was she thinking! She should leave before it was too late. Her eyes darted up to his face meeting his glowing, golden eyes and she realized the time to run had passed.

She held his gaze refusing to cower before him, as he sauntered closer unconcerned with his nakedness.

Don’t look down. Don’t look down, she told herself. Her gaze flickered briefly. “Oh my god.” Her hand flew to cover her mouth, to stop the flow of words but nothing could stop the imprint of his perfect body in her mind. His image was engraved on her eyelids and her thighs quivered as she locked her knees to keep herself upright.

“I wanted to apologize for earlier,” she said quickly as he approached.

“Is this the traditional lupine way of apologizing?” His gaze lowered to his clothes in a crumpled pile of leaves under her feet. “If it is, take off your gown and I’ll apologize to you.” Dark, humor laced his words but his eyes were serious.

She glanced down but her eyes lost their way as they encountered his considerable erection now fully jutting from a nest of golden hair. Nervously, she shuffled and squatted to pick up his clothes. Finding herself on eye level with his groin, she froze. The long, thick, vein-riddled length jerked beneath her gaze.

A gentle hand closed around her jaw, shutting her mouth and tilting her face to meet humor filled eyes. “You shouldn’t leave your mouth hanging open like that or I might think you’re waiting for me to fill it.”


Tempest Knight said...

Congrats on your upcoming release! :)

LA Day said...

Thanks Tempest.

Loretta said...

So looking forward to reading this. Loved the excerpt very much.