Monday, July 30, 2007

Breast feeding in public

On my way to work today, the local radio station instigated a call in session about breast feeding in public. Should the breast be covered? Of course, it immediately turned ugly to the point of name calling. Personally, I don’t care one way or the other. What’s your take? Do you find it offensive?

Laura/LA Day


Unknown said...

I had 3 children, but I didnt breast feed, but I would imagine there are LOTS of times, when you just have to feed, regardless who was there.
but there is the old standby of covering up somewhat
I wouldnt have no problem with that

Cherie J said...

I used to breastfeed and I always tried to be really discreet about it. I always made sure I had a coverup if I could not find a room with alot of privacy. I don't see a problem with public breastefeeding if a woman is discreet. I do have a problem with woman who just yank out their breasts in front of everyone and don't even bother covering them up even if there is a man present. I think that shows a lack of courtesy and consideration for others.

Sandra said...

Not every woman wants to see another's breast, regardless if they are feeding a child or not. Especially if she has a significant other looking at the other woman's breast. I know I would be hitting my hubby if that happened.

Whenever we were out in public and I had to breastfeed our two kids, I would always cover up. I didn't want strange people staring at me. For me, breastfeeding my kids was a private thing. And even in public, I would try to keep it that way.

At home, I would even cover up when we had company or I would go into another room.

I also believe that by covering up, you can limit the amount of distractions for the baby, so that the process doesn't take forever and then you can go about your business, whatever it may be.

LA Day said...

Thanks for the opinions. I don't think I've ever come across a woman breast feedining in public without covering up. (I'm not looking to either):)