Monday, July 02, 2007

Tuesday Trivia

I know it's Monday night but Monday night trivia doesn't sound the same.

Below you'll find a list of useless info.

The average American uses 743 tissues each year. (Eeew!)

It takes 20 human searchers to do the work of just one rescue dog. (I believe that.)

Twenty percent of men admit to viewing Internet porn at work. Just 13% of women admit to doing so. (In what category are you?)

It only takes seven pounds of pressure to rip off a human ear.

The Tokyo World Lanes Bowling Center, with 252 lanes, is the largest bowling establishment in the world.

A polar bear can eat 100 pounds of seal fat in one sitting. (Yummy!!)

In ancient Egypt, the apricot was called the "egg of the sun."

A newborn baby breathes five times faster than an adult man.

The Pink Floyd album, "Dark Side of the Moon," stayed on the top 200 Billboard charts for 741 weeks (or 14 years). (Awesome)

January is the deadliest month of the year in America, accounting for 9.4% of yearly deaths.

The largest snowflake ever found was 15 x 8 inches. It was found on January 28, 1887, in Fort Keogh, Montana.

The term "surfing the Internet" was created in 1992 by author Jean Armour Polly. She came up with the term because her mouse pad had a picture of a surfer on it.

Just six percent of people say they keep a daily diary.

January is National Soup Month.

About 1.4 billion spam e-mails are blocked by AOL each day.

Plymouth Rock weighs 10 tons.

All but one of the actors playing members of the Fellowship of the Ring in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy got a tattoo to remember their filmmaking experience. The tattoo was Elvish script symbolizing the number nine. The lone hold-out was John Rhys-Davies, or Gimli the dwarf.

The ZIP in "ZIP code" stands for "Zone Improvement Plan."

For more than 300 years (1655-1970), the British Navy administered a daily "tot" (two ounces) of rum to each sailor as a health ration. (Tip your glass to good health)

Lots of fishermen use gummi worms as bait.

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