Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Summer is nearly over.

There is less than three weeks of summer vacation before school starts and I am not prepared. I put everything off until after we got back from the family vacation and now I have to start shopping for school clothes. I have three weeks that should be easy, right? Not!
First of all my daughter is almost thirteen so nothing pleases her. The school she attends has a uniform policy but still there are the right brand and shade of uniform that you have to have. Nothing else will do!
So time to shop except...we have volleyball practice every weeknight until school starts. How fun!
Then of course there is the registration and physical. As volleyball team Mom I not only have to take my daughter to registration but I must sell the fundraisers at sixth and seventh grade registration.
Since I just returned from vacation my boss is thrilled to hear I will be taking four half days in the next three weeks.
Okay, enough complaining!
Soon school will start and I won't have to run my daughter all over town before work!
Then the homework starts....

Kids you gotta love 'em!

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