Monday, October 22, 2007

Excerpt: Dancing For The Wolf

Dancing for the Wolf by L.A. Day
Available at Cobblestone Press on October 26th.

A secretary learns to belly dance to impress her Greek boss. She doesn’t realize she’s dancing for a wolf.

Sighing, Jenny stretched on the luxurious, heated seat. She’d never been more appreciative of Damon’s taste in cars. The engine purred as he merged into the heavy downtown traffic. “I’m glad the windows are tinted.”

“So am I. Take off your top,” he demanded.


“You have no idea what you’ve done. Offering yourself as my sex slave, complete with a whip.” His eyes flashed from the traffic to her.

“It was a joke.” She wiggled in the seat seeking a position that would ease the ache in her pussy.

“I’m not laughing and neither were any of the other men in that room.” Damon whipped the car into a nearly empty parking lot and killed the engine.


“You called me Master, earlier.”


“It’s too late, you let the beast out and he wants to play.”

The coins on her halter jingled as he pulled her into his lap. The steering wheel at her back trapped her close against him. His strong arms engulfed her sliding her sensuously against his firm chest. Jenny struggled to breath, the heady scent of arousal hung heavy in the air. “Damon,” she groaned.

Burrowing under his jacket, her hands skimmed his heavily muscled chest. He was hairy. She could feel it through his silk shirt. Shifting, she tried to get closer. “The whip is digging into my side.”

A husky chuckle erupted from his lips. He brushed the tail of the whip against her arm. “That’s not the whip.”

“Oh!” She felt heat rise in her cheeks as her pussy gushed with need.

He shifted beneath her. “Damn it, I wish we were anywhere but in this car,” he groaned. Wrapping a hand in her hair, he tugged her head back and took her mouth in a kiss that was almost brutal with intensity.

There wasn’t an ounce of protest in her as she spared with his tongue. A growl rumbled in his chest as he devoured her mouth. Turning her on his lap, he rubbed his erection against her bare stomach. His other hand cradled her left breast as his thumb dipped under her halter-top. Grasping his shoulders, she groaned under his lips as undiluted heat roared through her veins settling between her rapidly dampening thighs.

Jerking her mouth from his, she gasped for breath.

Damon rested his forehead against hers as his chest rose and fell rapidly. “I knew you’d be amazing,” he groaned.

“We’re amazing, together.”

Tilting her head, his hungry gaze pored into hers. “It’s only going to get better.”

“I can’t imagine,” she panted.

“I want you to dance the thifteteli just for me. I want you to dance it naked and let me see these breasts bounce and jiggle as you move.” Both of his hands moved to cradle her breasts.

Jenny groaned. Her body melted under his touch.

“Then, when you bow and offer yourself, I’ll take you as never before. I will make you irreversibly mine.” Sharp teeth nipped her neck.

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Jaycee said...

Looks soooo good! can't wait to read! Wohooo!

Pamk said...

wow sounds fantastic.

lrhubble said...

This sounds great. Love the descriptions.

Unknown said...

Wow!! Can't wait to read this one. It sounds fantastic! This one goes on the TBB list for sure.

Anonymous said...

"That's not the whip." LOL Oh, this excerpt is good!

Kara said...

I can't wait to read - you definitely have my attention with the excerpt!

Sandra said...

I think I may have to have this for a birthday present, especially since it is released on it. *smile*