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Excerpt of Dancing for the Wolf!

Dancing for the Wolf by L.A. Day
Available at Cobblestone Press on October 26th.
This is a shape shifting erotic tale.

A secretary learns to belly dance to impress her Greek boss. She doesn’t realize she’s dancing for a wolf.


Peeking out from her spot behind the potted plant, Jenny Lad saw him as he entered the room. He would be hard to miss even in the room full of a hundred people or so. At six-four, dark and gorgeous, Damianos Alexander, Damon to those who knew him, stood out in any crowd. As president of Alexander Marketing, he didn’t dress up for the company Halloween party. Still, he looked completely comfortable, at least on the surface.

Alexander Marketing Inc. had recently landed the long sought after account of Just Novelties and what better way to celebrate than with a Halloween party. Halloween was Just Novelties bread and butter and the new advertising scheme opened last week. So far, it had passed with flying colors. Halloween was two days away and Just Novelties was already showing a boost in sales over last year. It was the perfect time to celebrate.

Jenny had been planning this event for the last two months and she was determined it would be a success. She had just thrown her resignation on Damon’s desk but that didn’t matter. This party would be the talk of the town.

Nervous tension wired Jenny as a buxom vampiress approached Damon. “Silicon on display,” she muttered. She glanced at her own cleavage. At least hers were real. She tugged on the small halter. It wouldn’t do to have a nipple pop out during the performance.

Looking back toward the door, her eyes roamed her previous employers form hungrily. She gasped as he turned in her direction. The deerskin flogger she’d left for him hung from his belt. She wished she could have seen his face when he opened the box. The enclosed note told him it was part of his costume as master of the harem girl. With his Greek god looks, he looked the part but could he play it too?

If tonight’s stunt didn’t work, she might never see him again but she couldn’t live off crumbs forever. At thirty-one, she wasn’t over the hill but she’d taken a few steps up it. After tonight, he’d either see her as a woman or he’d see her no more. Last week she’d received a job offer from a prestigious marketing firm. Initially, she’d refused but she’d been asked to think about it a few days, and she had. Things couldn’t go on as they had been. Her feelings for Damon made it impossible for her to continue working for him. She wasn’t naive or stupid. She knew Damon was attracted to her but how deep the attraction went, she was unsure. By quitting her job, she hoped to give them both a chance to explore their feelings, if Damon was interested. Either way she’d know before the night was over. Whatever the outcome, she would go on from there.

The slow rhythmic drumbeat began, and Jenny’s knees began to quake. She took a deep breath and exhaled. She could do this. The past six months of lessons wouldn’t go to waste. Damn good! That was what her instructor called her. Not perfect but good enough to impress most. She intended to impress Damianos Alexander tonight in more ways than one.

Running a hand over her bare stomach, she felt the abdominal muscles she’d worked so hard to acquire. Squaring her shoulders, she stepped into the room swaying to the beat of drums. Clicking her cymbals in unison to the movement of her hips, she managed her first graceful turn on her three-inch stiletto heels.

Concentrating on the music, she barely heard the gasp of appreciation. However, there was no missing the zing of adrenaline as the heat of Damon’s gaze landed full force upon her. She felt more than saw him move closer, until he stood at the edge of the gathering crowd.

Fueled by an overdose of untapped lust Jenny managed to stay in perfect rhythm as the tempo increased. Panting slightly behind her thin veil, she spun around presenting Damon with a perfect view of her ass as the music reached crescendo. She didn’t focus on anyone in particular. Instead, she allowed the room to be a blur of costumed people. Spinning once more, Jenny bowed at Damon’s feet as the music came to a finale.

Standing up, Jenny kept her head bowed and her gaze lowered in the demure pose of a harem girl as she asked, “Did I please you, Master?” Her voice was husky from exertion.

Damon was ready to go up in flames. If they weren’t in a room full of people, he would tell her exactly how to please him. After finding her resignation on his desk, he almost didn’t come to the party. After opening his costume, he had no choice. The flogger had intrigued him, as she knew it would. The little vixen thought she knew him well. She was about to find out, he had a few secrets. Little did she know, she’d just solved a huge problem for him and he couldn’t be happier.

He’d been at a loss at how to handle his developing feelings for his secretary. Now, he didn’t have to worry. She’d resigned. In his book that made her fair game. She’d just put herself on the endangered species list. She might not realize exactly what she was getting herself into but she would adjust. She had no choice. She was his ellinitha, his woman. She didn’t know the consequences of offering herself publicly but he did, and so did many of the guests. If he didn’t take her up on the offer, other males would fight to have her. The only reason she’d remained safe among them was that no one dared to cross him. He’d marked her as his the first day she walked into his office over two years ago. It was a claim he was unwilling to give up.

The room was deadly silent. During her dance, he’d removed the flogger from his belt. It crackled as he slapped it on his palm. It pleased him to see her start at the controlled violence of the action. He allowed the feathered tail of the whip to caress her check. He slid it lower across her breasts and abs. Her stomach muscles quivered. “I found it quite pleasing. Later, you may perform for me in private, and I will give you your reward, my ellinitha.”

Jenny demurely muttered, “Yes, Master.”

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Kate Burns said...

This is a great excerpt. Loved it!

LA Day said...

Thanks Kate!

Anonymous said...

Now this is what I love about your stories! I absolutely love your creative mind! I can't wait to read it!