Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Excerpt: Savage

Savage releases from Ellora's Cave on November 7th.

Savage, a bounty hunter and half-Rabian shifter, needs a woman. He needs his wife, Alaya.

He’d left her alone on their wedding night three years ago after she’d screamed in fear when he’d become highly aroused and started to shapeshift. Now it is time to face his demons—to consummate his marriage or end it.

Fate steps in, sending them headlong into danger. Seeing her again ignites his desire and jealousy arouses his dominant nature. Using her passions against her, he persuades her to submit to him for all to hear. But even if Alaya can adapt to his feral lust, unseen danger lurks, waiting to rip them apart again.

Excerpt: Savage by L.A. Day
This book is part of the Hunters for Hire series. It is a stand alone book.

Savage groaned as he rolled his leggings down his thighs. He stretched hugely, feeling every one of his twenty-nine years. Stepping under the warm water, he threw his head back. It had been a long month chasing after Uber Te’lk and he was glad to be back at the Web. Of course, Ulric would chew his ass out for the D.O.A. but Uber had left him no choice. Either way, the bounty was the same. Unfortunately, dead men couldn’t talk, so they wouldn’t be getting any information on the Cintealios Nation from him.

Flexing his shoulders, Savage relaxed as the hot water streamed over his body. Water conservation be damned, he’d conserved for the last month. Facilities on The Viper were primitive at best and the remote rocks he’d scoured for Uber were even worse. If it weren’t for the substantial pay and the freedom, he’d have left this line of work long ago.

Bursting a ball of cleanser in his hand, he began to lather his chest. The fresh scent of roses wafted from the soap. “Real fuckin’ funny,” Savage muttered to himself. Someone had switched his cleanser with a perfumed variety. He’d bet his left nut it was Zeri, the newly hired cook for BHI. She seemed to take perverse pleasure in tormenting the hunters. She knew no one would retaliate or she’d spill their darkest secrets.

Why Ulric hired the witch to work at Bounty Hunters, Inc., nobody knew. Maybe, she had something on their illustrious leader too. She wasn’t bad to look at but few dared to look too close. She made everyone uncomfortable. For the most part, the hunters stayed to themselves. They all had pasts that were better left alone. Zeri was a telepath and before Savage realized her abilities, she’s discovered some of his secrets. Ever since, she’d found little ways of tormenting him.

The soap was a prime example. She knew the scent of roses reminded him of his wife, Alaya. Savage’s hand lowered to his cock, lathering the lengthening flesh.


It was a bitch that just the scent of roses made him hard. He couldn’t continue like this. It was time he did something about the problem. It was time he got the situation in hand.

A low groan escaped his lips as his fist pumped his turgid rod. He growled. The witch probably knew what he was doing right now.

However, it wasn’t Zeri’s face that filled his mind as he stroked his shaft. Long, red-gold tresses and laughing, green eyes tormented him. Ruby red lips parted and his ache became more than physical.

Closing his eyes, his mind turned three years back in time.

“Make love to me, Dean.”

He raked his thumb across Alaya’s full, bottom lip. Heat engulfed him as her green eyes shimmered with unshed tears. “You’re too young.”

“I’m not.” Her full breasts pressed up against his naked chest. The thin material of her gown did little to hide the tightening of her nipples. “You’re my husband. It’s your right to take me.”


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ooh that excerpt sounds good.

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I've got to read this! Where can I buy this book?

Rhonda :-)

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This sounds really good.

LA Day said...

Savage releases from Ellora's Cave on November 7th.:)

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Great excerpt. Looks like the start of a great series.

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This sounds like a great book. Can't wait to read it. I've added it to my TBB list.

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Can't wait for November - this is on my TBB list!!

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This sounds really good. Can't wait to see what else happens in this book.

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So what is a Rabian?

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