Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A peek at Zarius

Zarius by L.A. Day
Releases December 28, 2007 from Ellora’s Cave

Zar is a Rejan male that’s come to Earth to claim his mate. Star doesn’t know she has Rejan blood and thinks she has found the perfect man.

Zar’s first thought upon feeling his mate pressed intimately against him was that she was even lovelier up close than at a distance. His second was decidedly more carnal and prompted him to take a step back before she felt his reaction.
From a distance, he had admired her. But up close, her radiant beauty caused his body to throb with desire. This he had expected. However, he had not expected what he thought was his heart turning over in his chest.

Zarius quirked a brow, unsettled by his own reaction but decidedly pleased with her response to him. This might be easier than he’d anticipated. After observing a few females of her kind, he had been concerned that she might be too independent to conform easily to Rejan ways.

As they entered the small restaurant Zar cast a suspicious gaze about, taking note of their surroundings. There were many Earthlings jammed into the small establishment. Out of habit, he scanned the occupants. Discovering nothing out of the ordinary, he led his mate to the counter.

Having partaken of a meal at several places since his arrival, he had found most of the foods he had ordered edible and some delicious even. He ordered the same as his mate—a tuna sandwich. What he received was mush on soft bread. He hoped the taste exceeded the smell.

“Oh my gosh,” Star exclaimed as she took her seat in a booth at the back of the crowded deli. “We haven’t introduced ourselves. My name is Star. Star Elliot.” Luminous eyes turned to him expectedly.

He had just taken a bite of his mush, which was not as bad as he feared. Hurriedly he chewed before responding. “I like your name.” He thought it very appropriate. “I am named Zarius. My closest friends address me as Zar.”
“Hmm, I like it. It’s different, like you. What’s your last name?” Her vivid green eyes danced as she spoke.

Her apparent innocence entranced Zarius. “El Kyr.”

Their eyes met and he observed a shiver shake her small frame. Her already rosy checks flushed. He knew his stare was making her uncomfortable but as long as their eyes met, they forged a connection. In his mind, he could see them together at his home on Reja. He could feel the warmth of her flesh beneath his. He could almost taste the sweet cream he knew gathered between her thighs.

Tearing his gaze from hers, he was not surprised to hear a small gasp escape her lips. He wondered if the connection was as strong for her. Could she feel his wants and desires, their need of each other? Did she understand their connection?
Zar watched her intently, reading the many expressions as they crossed her radiant face. Without Rejan shields, her emotions were transparent and he easily read confusion, desire and a little fear. She watched him silently as she nibbled her sandwich.

“I wish very much to see you again,” Zar whispered hoarsely. His heated gaze following her petal pink tongue as it darted out to lick her pouty lips. Reflexively, the muscles in his stomach tightened. His cock began to rise as his balls constricted at the thought of licking those ripe lips.

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